Thursday, August 21, 2014

This Week in SnackChat

 Whoa guys, 11 SnackChats this week!?! I am impressed.   Shout outs to Travis, Chucho, Dustin, Mike, J and to the SnackChat first timer, Stew.

Not too many salads this week.  I think it is because the seasons are changing.  Fall means more hearty snacks and less of the fresh stuff. But this is Southern California and it is Summer till about January so it's just a cheat week guys??

 If you are ever are in Travis's company and you don't know what to eat. This should guide the way.

No one should be too proud to eat a Cup o Noodles. 


It's not the burger itself that is hell, it is the after effects on you butt that is hell.

I'm not going to openly judge Restauration by this SnackChat but I secretly am. I'm giving you two more months...

The award for the healthiest SnackChat this week! 

 The award for the unhealthiest SnackChat!
 Comfort food to the fucking max.

It's not cheating if there is fruit right? 
Chinese food Monday, But in this case Tuesday, is sweeping the greater northern Orange County by storm.   #CFM

Don't threaten my taste buds with a good time.

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Full Disclosure: I will screencap yo shit son!


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