Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Week in SnackChat

Welcome this This Week in SnackChat!  I love it when my friends send Snaps of their food. So I take screencaps, and post them up for the Internet to see!  What's that you say, you want to send me foods?  (Yes, I am calling food Snaps, aka SnackChats, aka foods) Snap at me! @log.lady

Wanna see what everyone ate? 

Best place in the world

Looks about right

I want! 

I read this as, pig in bread pillows with green things. Pig tubes with cheese corn grains. 

 So healthy!

I miss you.

Nothing sounds better at 82 degrees.

Truffled ocean chicken breast mac n cheese. #imalobsterhater

Super cute! Still would not eat it.


 Sweet dreams are made of these.

Killed dem tacos.

Come to find out after taking about three slices and closer inspection, they were artichokes.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't listed in the menu. 

 After a few bites and closer inspection, they were raisins. Or plums. Or grapes. Or sausage. Still figuring it out.

It's saving a dish to be washed. So I am all in on eating in the pan.

Saving that money.

Always. Forever.

aka Miami Vice.

At 5:45am? Dinner for breakfast.

God: I hate it when you curse me name, but Me DAMN! That looks good.

Pho puns are the greatest.

Cheez Its are the gourmetest of them all. 

Half ass roll.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Eating Out the Weekend in the Bay

Weekending is becoming my favorite hobby.  This time, it was San Jose and Monterey Bay.  I made a promise to myself that if the San Jose Sharks won the Stanley Cup, I wouldn't visit San Jose for a year.  Since they didn't, I was able to go.

It was also race weekend and I wanted to visit my bestie in her element.  I wanted to see the Aquarium to and compare it to the Long Beach Aquarium. Verdict: No Leafy Sea Dragon, no dice.

I could have watched them make these culinary gems all day.  It is a gored out baguette with ketchup and mustard and then a hot dog jammed into the long orifice. A portable, hygienic meal. All it needs is a bath in a deep fryer and you have the perfect fair food.


I did have a really good pho at Pho Y #1  Noodle House.  Tucked away in strip mall, like almost all of everything in San Jose.  If you weren't looking for it, then you're probably not going to find it.  Unassuming and next door to an old optometry office that I used to work with.  Here I had one of my favorite pho broths.  The menu only has pho. We started our adventure here.

Boba teas with Jelly Hearts.

Karaoke, pho. boba tea with heart jellys, the aquarium, World Super Bikes,  amazing tacos, a michlada with scrimps, Moto America, Lagna Seca, Frog Dogs,  Winona, MEETING KEANAU, LIKE FOR REALS INTRODUCING MY NAME SHAKING HANDS MEETING KEANAU REEVES. I could go on.  We packed so much into this weekend and it was perfect.  I saw friends and and ate some pretty good food what more can a girl ask for?

Thursday, July 7, 2016



I can't eat avocado. It is one thing to go a whole lifetime without tasting them but for it to be taken away from you at the age of 26 is just unfair. That and bananas. But banana toast isn't as Instagrammable as avocado toast and I always pick savory over sweet.  Shane was the person to introduce me to avocado toast.  It was so simple and so good. When you work retail, those early morning shifts really cut into sit down breakfast time. Avocado toast really got me though my mornings in Portland. My favorite combination was sourdough toast, pepper, smashed avocado, salt and pepper.  In that order.  There is something about cracked pepper on sourdough.  It was fast, easy and portable.  I could eat it in the car or save it and eat it in the back office.

Then something happened.  First the bananas.  My stomach would cramp every time I ate one.  I felt sick and nauseous. It felt like I couldn't breath at times and I break out in cold sweats.  So I stopped eating bananas.  Then soon after the same started happening with avocados.  It is the worst. Then the Instagram Avocado Toast Explosion of 2014 happened. Now, it's everywhere and not only in toast. Smoothies, salads and even salad dressings.  It sucks being that person asking if there is (insert food allergy/dietary restriction here). 

"You know bananas is what makes the smoothies a smoothie."

I could go on but this isn't meant to be a rant, it was meant to be an homage to one of the foods I miss.  Since I can't eat the real thing, I can make something similar.  So introducing the Avoca-Don't Toast. 
 Remember when there was a full on Internet outrage against peas in the guacamole New York Times post, you know Peagate?  Well, I like to think of myself as the Lorax, I speak for the peas. Fun fact: I used to HATE peas.  But this in no way replaces avocado.  It has to the look and feel of everything I am missing out on.

Avoca-Don't Toast
Serving: probably 4 toasts
  • In a pot of 2 cups of water add some salt, crushed red pepper, a small clove of garlic. Bring to a boil. 
  • Add 1 cup cooked frozen peas. Cook for no more than 7 minutes. 
  • Drain, reserving some pea water in a cup. 
  • Toast bread of choice.  
  •  Mash or with a hand blender blend up everything that was in the pot.  I added a queef of lemon juice and a queef of salt and pepper for luck.  I like to leave a few chunks of peas but it should be mashed enough that it can spread. Use some of the pea water to get them to that spreadable consistency if it is too dry.
  • Spread butter on toast.
  • Spread pea mash on toast.
  • Make it look like it belongs on Instagram. 
Things you can put on top on pea mash: fried egg, arugula, pickled red onion, chives, tomato, ham, cheese, potato, kimchee...ANYTHING!