Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Eating Out Haribo Gummy Bears

I had this wonderful idea to start a candy blog called Rotting Teeth but it never really panned out the way I wanted it to.

Today's Rotting Teeth adventure is for the gummy bear lovers. Haribo gummy bears originate from Germany and come in the gold bags.  They are my absolute favorite brand.  Every other bear is a basic bitch when compared to Haribo.   

When Shane came back from Italy he brought back a lot of food stuffs but at a layover in Frankfurt, he brought back what is, to me,  the holy grail of candy, Haribo gummy bears from Germany! You may be thinking, "Yo, Haribo is from Germany stupid!" Although they are very similar on the outside, a quick taste will reveal that they are indeed different.


Now here is where the differences lie. The German bears are different in color.  They are much lighter in color in comparison to the American counter part. The most obvious being the green bear.  This is because the German bears do do not have artificial coloring.  The ingredient lists spinach, pineapple mango, nettles, passion fruit, strawberry and other fruits and fruit concentrates as the main flavoring and color agents.  In the American bears, it lists red 40, yellow 5 and "natural flavors" as the main color and flavor agents.  I feel cheated. I want to know what these "natural flavors" are! 


  Oh yeah, there is one extra flavor in the German bag. * Pause*  I know right! Again, as an American I feel cheated!  So we know their colors are different. Americans love using colors additives that are derived from coal but do they taste the same? Absolutely not! Bears from Germany are lighter in flavor and taste like the actual fruit they represent. Where as the American version is more artificial tasting and has a bit more bite to the gummy. I actually like this gummy bear for that reason. The American strawberry bear, is green while the German counterpart is pink and the extra flavor is apple. 

After all of this, I wonder why American candy sucks? Why can't we have candy made with spinach and mango? Am I becoming a hippie or am I just growing up because I'm scared of both.  I don't feel 30 years old but a crazy rant like this is making 30 all the more real. 

As for the gummy bears, I am going to continue to eat them. I mean still get my period so yeah, totally still eating them.

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