Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Cookbook Tuesday

Today I picked out The Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook.  A classic book that I found at a used bookstore called Gatsby's in Long Beach. Before I bought this I never really heard of this book.  I bought it for the aesthetic. I mean look at that font! I do judge books by their cover. This book was published during simpler times.  In this world, gluten free, carbs and Paleo did not exist.  This world loved to entertain at home for other people. There was a sense of style and presentation.I mean, there is a whole section about monogramming and how to fold monogrammed napkins.

It boast's 10,000 recipes and food facts and color photos.  I can only assume that this book was competing with books like the Joy of Cooking that it had to remain competitive with other comprehensive cook books for housewives in the mid-century. This edition was a gift edition and probably was a wedding gift to someone.

 Unlike the Joy of Cooking, I  marked one recipe, the Apple Betty.

Like all cookbooks from this time, this one is complete with unappetizing color photos. But check that lobster claw and is that kale in the picture?

I love that is it categorized like an old dictionary with the black tabs.  Again, the illustrations are amazing.  If this was an edition printed in the 2000s this page would read, "Non-Dairy Dishes."  It would also feature a Pintrestable photo.     

  This is my favorite part, the mission statement of the book.  To be familiar, to have clear procedure, to be yourself, and remember to thank your friends.  It is also sexist but it is still a charming mission statement.

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