Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunday Brunching at Apartment 7 and the Forgotten Meal

When I someone asks me, "Hey wanna do brunch at the Attic?"  My immediate reaction is, "Wanna come over to my house for brunch?"  It's not that the Attic has bad food because they don't. The Bloody Mary's are pretty good but the waits are always so long and now I feel it is more of a scene to be there versus eating the food there.  

After a sultry Saturday night in Long Beach, that carried over to Sunday morning we decided to host a friend over at Apartment 7.  It was very last minute.  Here is a condensed timeline of the morning:

10:30am Go to Costco.  Realize that we can't get everything for brunch here.  We did, however, get a 1.5 liter bottle of Cooks champagne. #dealofthecentury.

11:00am Head to Trader Joe's.  Buy remaining pieces needed to complete brunch. 

11:05am - Head to Lazy Acres to buy duck breasts.  Had said duck breasts in my hand, looked at price tag and quickly placed it back in the freezer.  That's right the freezer. Ain't nobody got time for $16 frozen duck breast.  Buy baguette because I forgot to buy it at Trader Joe's.  It was $3.45, still pretty resentful. 

11:30 Arrive at home. 

I had the starters out on the table by noon and was serving brunch that is not pictured.  I ended up making a ham with stone ground mustard on rye bread croque madame. Shane made Red Snappers, which subs gin for vodka.  We did this because we realized we didn't have vodka. 

Menu for Apartment 7 for August 3, 2014

Start: smoked salmon, dill and lemon creme fraiche, pickles, capers, cucumber, brie cheese, La Brea Bakery Baguette (hey, I paid to brag about the baguette)

Middle: Ham and stone ground mustard croque madame with herb salad. 

Drinks: Red Snapper, mimosa 

The Forgotten Meal 

After a day of drinking Shane was pretty much sleeping on the floor by the front door because, like Saturday, the night was sultry. I explain in detail that the little patties are precooked sausage processed with ginger, lemongrass, cilantro, garlic, Thai basil, matzo meal, soy sauce and sesame oil.  I also explained that the rice is a coconut Jasmine rice infused with lemongrass, ginger, Fresno chili, and a dash of fish sauce. 

This is the forgotten meal because the morning after, he asked me if we ate dinner. The picture above is a picture of his exact dinner plate I made for him. 

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