Monday, August 25, 2014

Eating Out Bunz

See that car in the picture behind me?  They were casing the joint. The driver got out of the car, looked at the menu and went back in the car, relayed some information to the passenger, backed the car up so passenger could see the menu, passenger buries face in phone, and then drove off. This was the same story for about two other cars.  Sounds strange but when you take one look at their Yelp page it will all make sense.  

Bunz Gourmet Burgers in San Pedro is like if MVPs in Long Beach and Stacked had baby. Take the ambiance of MVP and the customization of Stacked.  It seems there are people who are put off by the fact that they call it a gourmet burger but the ambiance is not one that would support. For out of towners to San Pedro, this is simply a case of expectations versus reality. It's like seeing someone on Tinder that says they are 6'2 but when you meet them, they are 5'11 and to you, height make a difference.   They have 53 reviews and an four and a half star rating. Pretty good especially for a town that loves sandwiches. No really, there are like 50 sandwich places here and they all close at 5pm.  I ordered the Pedro because, this was obviously their embodiment of San Pedro or the P as I like to say.


Then we hit the dive bars.  We went to see band play at The Spot but when there is another bar across the street, I mean, why not? One drink can't hurt right?

It's the deep South Bay. 

I'm kinda in love with this town.

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