Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cold Brew Coffee, Local Edition.

I am a sucker for locally made products and good design.  The last coffee post featured two coffees from Oakland and Portland and these coffees were in boxes. This time around I am very proud to have consumed two home grown cold brewed coffees in glass bottles.  Mind you, this was within a 24 hour span.  Well now that I think about it, we drank our very own cold brew last night.  So make that three consumed and two pictured local cold brew black coffee. 

Seaworth Coffee Co. is out of Costa Mesa, CA and is only bottled cold brew coffee.  I tried the 1 to 1 ratio of coffee to water and it was perfect!

Lord Windsor cold brew is out of the good ole LBC.  Lord Windsor is a coffee shop on the corner of 3rd and Cerritos.  Today, to launch their cold brew, and to celebrate the First Annual Cerritos Block Party,  gave out not beer coozies and a free cold brew to the first 50 people and I was one of them! No 1 to 1 ratio here, we drank it straight out of the bottle and in the streets.  

The block party featured lots of local vendors and farmers selling awesome stuff.   I found out there is a home bread maker just down the street from my house! These are the people in my neighborhood and I love it! 

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