Monday, June 27, 2016

This Week in SnackChat


It's been a while and I apologize!  Sometimes time escapes me and when I have free time, I don't devote it to the blog. I do think about it all the time. especially when I get SnapChats.  Because of you, I remember to take time to write. Enjoy.


I want to believe.....That these are delicious.

Still not loving avocado.


I've always hated mini chocolate chips.'s healthy.

The best 50 cent snack.

I used to eat avocado toast everyday.  Then my body hated me.


I got empa- nada :(

Says who?

Thighs tho. I love it!

Brown rice tortillas?  GTFO!

My college diet.

Doesn't look like the emjoi tho.

Indeed.  It is salad season.

I miss corndogs?  Is the fair here yet?


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Eating Out Central California


Since starting the new job, I haven't really had a day off since Hawaii.  With Memorial Day fast approaching, I had a few places to weekend in California, more specific, Central California. First off booking a room a week out from the holiday weekend is kinda stupid. I wanted to go back to the Madonna Inn but of course it's fucking booked. So I was like fine, how about Ojai.  After some Google research, I found the Ojai Ranch Inn.  I needed to stay here. It was like totally cool man.  But because I was booking a week out, it was booked.  Then I was like fine, Solvang. But it wasn't a mean, "fine," it was a okay, I think I can get a room here because apparently everyone and their moms from Southern California go to Central California and go wine tasting. 

t's true.  At one winery, I was about to break the glass and stab my ears out with the wine glass stem because I over heard two couples talking abut drinking wine in LA.  It was pretentious and they were two couples that did not travel there together.  They met at the winery and started talking.  Gross. I don't go on vacay to make friends. Couples making other couples friends on vacay is my second least favorite situation.

I was able to find a room in the same hotel group as the Ojai Ranch Inn, the Hamlet Inn.  It was Danish and cozy and provided ample shelter for our little get away.  We also explored all the small towns around Solvang, like Los Alamos, Los Olivos, and Buellton.  Who knew that there was more to Buellton that split pea soup! My favorite place was Industrial Eats.

 We ate food and drank wine and partied at the Mandarin Touch. (I just like saying the Mandarin Touch.  I was singing "Glamorous Life" all weekend)

It revived us!  Central California was just a good amount of getaway for us.