Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Drinking Out on a School Night

 Usually Shane and I never go out to events especially in Downtown LA on a Wednesday. But I finally convinced him that this is a good idea. Ludlows Cocktails Jelly Shots had a cocktail crawl in DTLA. There is a backstory. I funded their Kickstarter campaign.  Why? Have you ever seen me turn down a Jell-O shot? Ludlows jelly shots are all natural, require no refridgeration, and are 30 proof.  The flavors include Planters Punch, Old Fashioned, Margarita, Moscow Mule, and Meyer Lemon Drop. I know right? Why the fuck not! I fully support anything that makes it easier to sneak beverages into the Kings game. Uhhhh....Not saying that I do that though. 

We went to three bars and tried a Jelly Shot and the actual cocktail counterpart. One bar hooked it up with an extra drink too.  We went to Peking Tavern, Mas Malo, and  Honeycut.  The featured jelly shots were the Planters Punch, Fresh Lime Margarita, and the Moscow Mule. I was really hoping for the Old Fashioned because it is the drink of my 30s but I can wait for the next crawl or when they hit stores.  

I was pretty drunk by the end of the night, but I wasn't drunk enough to enjoy the Coolhaus ice cream bar! Yes, the co-founder of Coolhaus, is the founder of Ludlows Jelly Shots. Together they are doing something amazing and I am completely inspired and that's not  Hammered Montana talking! 

Total Jelly Shots Consumed: 4 1/2.
Totally cocktails consumed:
Favorite Jelly Shot Consumed: Mosow Mule
Favorite cocktail consumed: Medicina Latina at Mas Malo. 

How did I feel the next day at work? 

Friday, September 15, 2017


I wanted to brag about this Chorizo Chicken Casserole dinner for a few reasons.  
1. It is my favorite recipe from What to Cook and How to Cook it by Jane Hornby. I've made is so many times and in different iterations and each time it is delicious. I've even made a little video of me making it a while back. 

2. I tailored it to be a no waste recipe. 

For the actual recipe, see my old Cookbook Tuesday post about What to Cook and How to Cook it. I took a picture of it.

I guess we have to start at the very beginning.  I horde vegetable waste.  The ends of onions, celery tops, carrot ends, fennel cores, any vegetable with the exception of lettuce. All these odd bits end up in a bag in the in the freezer.  I also save chicken bones from a roast or grocery store rotisserie. All these odd bits come in really handy. Like when I roasted a whole chicken, I stuffed it herbs and "veggie waste" into the the chicken and I rested it on the "waste." There is still flavor in those ends and it is much easier to stuff a small chicken with small odd ends.  When the chicken is done, I don't feel so bad throwing out all the stuffing material and I have a pile of bones for soup. 

For the Chorizo Chicken Casserole, I made the chickpeas from scratch.  I took dried chickpeas soaked them overnight in water and salt.  The next day I cooked them in the pressure cooker.  I used the soaking liquid, made a tea bag of sorts with assorted veggie waste and another tea bag of roasted chicken bones and placed them in the pressure cooker. I added a bit more water to cover the tea bags and more salt then set to cook for 35 minutes.  After all is said and cooked, I was left with a beautiful yellow opaque chicken and chickpea broth. It tasted rich but still very light. I drank a cup with a little bit of fish sauce and some chickpeas.  I would have added some green onion, but I'll save that for next time.

The recipe calls for parsley. and usually that means the leaves and discard the stems.  When I was cooking the chicken, I added the finely chopped parsley stems along with all the other spices and onions and garlic.  And of course I saved those onion ends. I also don't cut the ends off of the garlic. 

All in all, the only waste to came of this dinner was the plastic from the chorizo and the veins of the bell pepper, which I probably could have saved. When I made he commitment to try to reduce food waste at home I didn't think it would evolve as far as this. Now I'm thinking about all the things I can make with all this waste! You should try it too!! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I've been neglecting this little blog of mine and its been making me sad and I'm pretty sure you as well. So here is my attempt to take it back and get back at it.  As always, you can find me on SnapChat: log.lady I take screenshots and post them up here semi-regularly.

Nobody really misses the unicorn Frappe.

I love these two words together.

Still looks like a righteous meal to me.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


July vlog is up!  I intorduced the DTF crew aka down to food crew.  We like to eat food.  Also I ate at Lodge Bread co. You may already know that I love Lodge SO MUCH! Its unhealthy. 

Where I ate out:

Friday, July 28, 2017

This Month in SnackChat

Not much of a snack, its a meal. 

To the order.  No rice tho? I guess rice noodles count.  

But still tasty. Some of the best snacks were born from what was around.

How can a 'ger be meh? It's in testing phase so maybe they will make improvements.

good use of Bitmoji.

Instead of clouds I imagine that its eggs everywhere.

Love me some cauliflower. 

I love me some literal food porn. 

Essential Filipino Summer,

Oh Shit, it's been a while since I've last posted a This Week in SnackChat.

King Taco is THE JAM.

 Them 'Chos Tho

Breakfast pow!

Lunch lady vibes.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Cooking In Summer is Dumb: Send Noods

It's a heat wave. Ugh!
I love summer.  My skin is darker, my hair wavier and freckles are out in full force.  Summer also means that the oven is set to off an the stove is on for no more than 30 minutes.  

This is my go to dinner/work lunch. The noodles and the ginger scallion sauce as the base, is versatile.  Oh, you don't eat meat? Add Tofu.  Oh you eat meat? Add Spam.  It works well with what you have and what you feel like eating. You can eat it cold or warm.  All you need to do is boil water and you can hard cook an egg while you cook the noodles at the same time, because, you know, get two birds stoned at once.

Ginger Scallion Soba Noodles

I will eat all kinds of noods but for this recipe I love buckwheat soba.  It cooks in 5 minutes and it when cooked properly has a good grainy texture and a salty flavor.

Ginger Scallion Sauce

buckwheat soba noodles. I get it at the Japanese market.
Thumb of ginger- Grated
depending on the size, 1 or 2 sticks of scallion - thinly sliced
equal parts lightly flavored oil such as sunflower or grapeseed and soy sauce.  so if you make 3 servings of noodles, 1/4 of a cup each will be good. In my case, I used 3 tablespoons each.
cap full of sesame oil
1/2 tablespoon rice vinegar or to taste.  I like a little bit more that most.
pepper to taste

Combine them all in a bowl, mix it around and let it sit for 20 minutes.

1 bundle of buckwheat soba 
boiling water

Usually I cook it for 5- 6 minutes. If you take it too long, it will be too mushy.  But test it.  Should have a bit of bite but no crunch.

Putting it together
Drain the noodles and rinse.  Plop them back in the pot you cooked them in. Give the sauce a mix and spoon over the noodles.  Toss for a minute. Add more sauce to your liking. The pot should still be a bit warm from the cooking that the noodles will absorb a bit of the sauce.  I used half of the sauce.  The rest is for lunch or dinner the next day.

Pro Tip:
Boil eggs when you start to boil the noodles.  They will usually be done when the noodles are done cooking

If you have hearty veg like chard or kale, I will chop them and put them in the strainer.  When the noodles are done, pour the hot water though the strainer and you have perfect lightly cooked veg.