Friday, August 8, 2014

Drinking Boxed Coffee

A full time job for me, requires a full time addiction to caffeine. I don't get my kicks from office coffee, I go for the hard stuff, usually black cold brew or iced Americanos.   But I just discovered that the bigger of the small coffee houses are making cold brews in boxes,  just like the school milk. I found mine on a recent trip to Whole Foods.  

The times have changed man, said milk boxes used to be so hard to open.   These were easy to open and when I need a hit, I didn't have to fight with the box. 

 I had my first taste of Blue Bottle Coffee this year in SF and it was awesome.  Usually the tale I hear from other Blue Bottle experiences is one along the lines of, "I waited XX amount of minutes."  On my trip I waited like 2.  I ordered the New Orleans style iced coffee.  The Barista asked me what kind of milk I wanted, I said whole.  I feel like he gave me a mental high five.  

This little box contained the New Orleans style iced coffee with whole milk and it was just as delicious as I remember.

Being a Portland sympathizer and one that misses living in the Pacific Northwest, if I see Stumptown Coffee anywhere, I usually have to buy it.  I have an empty Stumptown ice brew bottle that sits in one of my desk drawers.  I am part hoarder.  


 I am more than happy to see Stumptown Coffee in Southern California. This means less smuggling of bottled coffee from trips to Portland. 

This box contained 16oz of happiness, especially because I forgot my lunch.

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