Monday, November 23, 2015

Friends that Eat Together, Stay Together

When I look back at the time I did in high school, I just remember how it is so irrelevant.  I did four years of math in high school only to retake two semesters of it in college because I suck at math.  But I did make some pretty good friends!  We would do underage fun things like watch movies at each others houses or go to the mall.  The thing we all seem to remember the most was going to each others houses and eating food.  Particularly, Charisse's house.  She lived the farthest, but she was able to lure us in with all the food her dad made. Also she had a lot of birthday parties!  When I say parties, these were so innocent. It was us watching movies and eating copious amounts of Swedish Fish and gummy bears.  We were teenagers, talking about honors classes, people in the honors classes, and more importantly, what shows we're going to, who's driving, and how am I going to lie to my parents. Sorry mom and dad. We were always eating.  Just being teenagers, hanging out and eating.

Then high school ended.  We all went different directions, but come the holidays or summer, we always found ourselves at each others houses, eating food.  To this day, my mom will feed anyone of my friends that decided to stop by.  I'm pretty sure I can say the same for any house I go to.

The picture above is the crew minus a few and plus some new ones!  But the spirit was still there. Charisse's dad wasn't home so her mom treated us to Filpino food at Kalesa Grill. It felt like I was in high school again, but we were all 30.  We ate each other's food and Chrisse's mom, like any good Asian mom, was encouraging us to eat till we exploded.  The owner also tried to get us to check in on Facebook to get some free hopia.  It might have been in a restaurant, but it felt right.  Here we are, adults, talking about the honors classes, what happened to people in the honors classes, and what shows Linda would be missing while she was in Australia.  Just being adults and eating.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Sqirl x Lucky Peach

I was very lucky and happy to have made the drive all the way to Silverlake to go to the Onigiri Party at Sqirl Away.  It was to celebrate the new Lucky Peach Book 101 Easy Asian Recipes with Peter Meehan.  I ate a bunch rice balls and I got my book signed.  But I think the way he signed my book was pretty epic.  It mean's a lot when someone takes the time to sign each book personally and I totally love my book even more because it is MINE now. 

PS.  To the right of Peter Meehan was Kim Gordon. It was like, "Eizelle be cool."    I was double buggin.  I realized that we have one thing in common, we both have out 101 Easy Asian Recipes signed by Peter Meehan. And we will always have that. Until she gives/donates her book. But until then we have that.


I was overwhelmed with inspiration. Sqirl made Spam? Drawings?  I mean, I was in a room with Jessica Koslow, Kim Gordon and Peter Meehan. How could you not?  

Thursday, November 19, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

Well hello there! It's the week before Thnxgvng and the SnackChats are rolling in! Here are some appetizers to roll you into the holiday!  

Not duck.

Def not duck.

Probably not duck

You forgot to mention the wiener looking thing in the picture. 

That fish floss tho.  Tastes yummy with the congee. 

Well played snack game.

Rolled meat thing.

More rolled things.

Just say no to instant coffee.

Not duck snacks.

Two in the morning got the fat burger 
The healthiest one of them all! 

Nice visual.

Friday, November 6, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

Oh Hello!  Welcome to another installment of This Week in SnackChat.  It is fast becoming the ed of the year and you know what that means?  SNACKCHAT OF THE YEAR AWARDS.  Details to be posted soon, but until then, here is you competition. 

Tis the season for the massacre of pumpkins and gourds across America.

My imagination is going crazy as to what a quail balut looks and tastes like.  I need this.

Guy Fieri is my friend on SnapChat guys! 

More like DUHnut.

That's how fast a meal like that travels through your body.

Dreams come true! Keep aiming high.

Add these to the list of food that make me uncomfortable.

feeding, feeding my rage

Monday, November 2, 2015

Sqril and other things

It's been a long time coming.  I FINALLY got the chance to eat at Sqirl.  I've been wanting to eat here for a long time and the stars aligned in my favor.  

We ordered a sweet and a savory. For the savory, the sorrel pesto rice bowl with sausage.  For sweet, the french toast with strawberry jam.  I am usually indecisive and a lesser me would have caved when confronted with the decision to go with the ricotta toast.  But, I've been watching the Munchies How to Make French Toast with Jessica Koslow and it was blowing my mind how good it looked so I had to try it.  Also ricotta and jam reminds me of eating bagels and cream cheese with jam.  My mom's go to snack. I'll get around to ordering it and Instragramming it...eventually.  I did have to make the last minute decision about the sorrel pesto rice bowl or the crispy rice salad.  I went sorrel and added sausage. Thank God I made that last minute add on. 

Usually, I love savory breakfast/brunch. Savory is always my answer.  But I don' want to say it fell short, because I liked it, but I should have went with something else.  It was like something I make when Shane is out of town.  A throw together meal.  I liked the sausage.  It was really good and you can taste the quality of meat.  I could have also used more hot sauce.  

But the French Toast was FUCKING MIND BLOWING!  It was nothing like I have ever had anywhere. 
That's all I will say.

It was my brothers birthday and we already knew we were going to be in LA the whole day. It was a double treat for me because his fiancĂ©e Jen bought us a pot of Seascape Strawberry and Rose Geranium jam.  The strawberries are from Oxnard too!  I am very excited to eat it with my yogurt and maybe attempt to make the french toast.

The line wasn't too bad and it actually worked out.  That the timing between people in line ordering to the people leaving was almost perfect that almost everyone had some seat.  I also saw Jessica Koslow there working and I got really nerdy.  It is inspiring to see someone you look up to working and enjoying it.  Sqirl is so charming it makes me so happy to know that there are places like this in the world. 

I will be back,especially for that vanilla bean lemonade.

And now, Halloween pics.

From the Kings game. 

From the party on Friday.  I was Mr. Sparkle.

The gang.

From a party the week before, I was "Say Rex to the Dress"  I got to wear my wedding dress again.