Saturday, February 15, 2014

Eizelle Reads Out

In efforts to save money, the Mr. And I have been eating in. But we aren't hermits and we do enjoy going and doing stuff like normal people. Take Wednesday, I went speed dating. 
Anyways, when we are not spending money at the bar, which totally doesn't help with the saving money thing, we read magazines at the local Barnes and Nobel.  We don't buy anything, we're just mag rats. It's fun, it's our thing and I'm totally content spending an afternoon here.  There is something romantic about print. While, yes, we are in a chain bookstore, there isn't a magazine stand in the greater LB that lights a candle to B and N (yeah that's what we call it in the streets). 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Eating Out Santouka Ramen

Santouka Ramen lives in the food court of Mitsuwa in Torrance and Costa Mesa. It's a little cash only stand that makes one thing ramen, miso ramen to be exact.  Saying they do one thing is kind of an understatement. They make like 20 different kinds of ramen in three different sizes.   I usually order the small and I don't feel I am cheating myself. When I think about it, maybe I'm cheating myself in value. It's like a dollar to upgrade
from small to medium. The one thing I know they are cheating me on is the free water cups. It's fucking tiny and ramen is salty! I require at least 20oz of ice water with ramen.