Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eating Out the Packing District

Anahiem. What a weird town. A confluence of locals and tourist in one place all getting along roaming the streets of Downtown Disney. But Anaheim is more than just Disneyland. There is more to Anaheim than Goofy's Kitchen, or in my case, Wetzel's Pretzel. 

Enter the Anaheim Packing District.  From the brain of Shaheen Sadeghi aka the guy who is making the OC kinda cool.  He brought us the Camp and the Lab, all very different hangouts but all share the fact that the parking sucks ball sacks.  Plan to park on the streets, sorry neighbors.

So this place is pretty.  Probably 20 or so places of just food, cafeteria style.  The Asians were going APE SHIT for the Pop Bar.  The lines are insane for a $5 customizable popsicle.  It made it hard to find the best place to eat. 

We found two good spots, which were both located towards the back part of the mall away from people but perfect for people watching, Georgia's and Wheat an Son's

Georgia's is on the second floor of this this food valhalla. There wasn't line, there were open tables and they had fried chicken with the option of two sides. One order can feed two, #dealofthecentury. There was a girl sitting at the table caddy corner to ours. If you have eaten chicken out with me, you know that I clean that shit. As a child I was taught that there was food on them bones so, I ate everything.  The case was true for here and said girl at table was visually disgusted as I made out hard with the fried drumstick.

End result:

Wheat and Son's was rad.  Cured and preserved meats, whole raw chickens and house made sausages. I'm in love! Oddly enough, we ordered the carrot and burrata salad and roasted cauliflower. Whatever man. We go to the meat place to order the salad. If a place that serves up great looking meats and can't serve up a good salad, then you have no place on my blog.

 It was pretty awesome.  I have faith in the world.  Just letting you know right now, cauliflower is the new brussel sprout. Putting it out there. 

 When you come here, if you decide to come here, especially on the weekend, be prepared to walk to push your way to the back of the mall. I guess you can say this place is like Disneyland.

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