Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eating Out the OC Fair

 Oh the Fair. It is a crazy place. The fair brings out the worst in people, especially in Orange County.  Shane and I went to see Deep Purple and Blue Oyster Cult at the Pacific Amphitheater.   The best part was the people watching.  There were more people there for Deep Purple than Blue Oyster Cult judging by the color shirt people were wearing to the show.  Purple takes blue every time.

Then we hit the fair. There were so many puns and it seemed like everything was wrapped in bacon.

 Some stands included both puns and everything wrapped in bacon.

While others only had puns.

This trip I was here for one thing, the Pickle Dog. This $10 gem from Get Pickled is a  cored out giant pickle stuffed with a hot dog and battered in corn batter and deep fried.  It wouldn't be proper fair food it it wasn't deep fried.

 It was like eating a corn dog with only relish and the corn crust was a little soggy. Over all pretty good and I can only speak for myself, but I didn't get the runs. 

Where: The OC Fair

Consumed on:August 6, 2014
With: Shane

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