Friday, October 23, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

  Time to pop bottles and eat hot dogs because the new emojis are out!  Now you can express, "I want a taco" without actually writing it. 

As always, you too can be a contributor to This Week in SnackChat. How? If you got SnackChat, Snap at me, log(dot)lady.  I don't take screencaps of stories unless you tell me to. 

Keeping it classy with the paper plate. Keeping it sassy with real fork.  I like your style.

Mrs. Renfro's Salsa keeping it hot with the ghost pepper.  I wonder how Mr. Renfro feels about the Mrs. spreading her love around.

From Lola's.  Looks good to me.  But will it make your poop green tho? 

 More like meal! 


Support your local jerker.  Is that the proper term for someone that makes beef jerky? 

Ending this Snap right and tite. 

Happy Fryday! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Beef Stew Feelings

I made the most tasty beef stew that I have ever made.
There was a swing in the Southern California weather and it made for a great meal on a cool night.

Lets start at the very beginning shall we.  Okay. Last week the Mr. was out of town and that meant whatever is left in the fridge going to be consumed.  What I had left over was chicken broth that I made for a pre-marathon meal. At this point I think I have a pretty good slow cooker broth down. 

To make a good slow cooker broth you need a few things:

meat with bones
most important, water

Instructions: put in slow cooker, fill with water and then set on low for 8 hours or more. 

Now you most perfect broth isn't perfect after 8 hours.  You have to pull out the meat then strain.  When you strain out everything I like to squeeze the once solids, now mush and though.  It adds flavor I like to think.  Then strain it again through a finer sieve. Then you have to reduce it.

At this point, you can add more onion. garlic and herbs and sweat those down first then reduce the broth. It really all depends on the end product.

For the beef stew I did a few things different.  I dredged the chuck meat in flour, salt and pepper and then browned the meat, with no bones, then released the browned bits with white wine.  Added all the the goodies to the slow cooker. Added thyme and rosemary, onion and garlic unpeeled, celery and carrot and more salt and pepper for good measure then turned it to low.  Left for work.

I strained it out when I got home, then I cut some onion and garlic and cooked it down in butter then red wine, reduced it down with tomato paste and added thyme and rosemary. Added the veggies, sweet potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and celery. Also added whatever was in the pantry, barley and alphabet pasta. Brought it to a boil for twenty-ish minutes uncovered. Just until the sweat potatoes were cooked. Then added peas and and the cooked meat.  It hit the right notes at all the right times. It was perfect.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

You may have been wondering if

The Answer:

So let's carry on with our day shall we.

Someone must love Shari.

Keeping it 100.

Whoever Mich is, I am jealous.  East Borough!

Sometimes leftovers are the best.  Flavors marry and you don't have to pay for anything.  It's a win win.

True dat friends.

The asparagus pee must be strong in this house.

Looks like lady caves on a plate.

Small snacks can be the best snacks.

Hmm...That's a lot of people with green poop running round the city.

Holla at a playerrrr!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Road Warriors: The Outtakes

 You've probably at this point already seen the video I made.  Wait, you didn't see the video? You can see it here!

 Anyways, here are some of the picture you haven't seen.  The ones that did not make the Instagram and for those who don't have Snapchat.  

 Montreal Smoked meat in Vancouver.  It's like pastrami.  I think I have to try it in Montreal for form a valid opinion. 

 If only Pocky were that big in real life.

Farmers Market pics.

I love dinosaurs and a majority of them were found in Montana. I want one of these in my house.

 Those stacked rock things that Vancouver loves so much.

Shut up Lake Louise! 

 Most Canadian thing to ever happen: Eating poutine while a punk rock sing-a-long played Sum 41. I cannot make shit up. Also, the stand up bassist, was wearing a Mighty Ducks shirt jersey for Adam Banks. This was in Calgary.  I'm not sure if it was ironic, but the Ducks beat Calgary in the second round of playoffs.  I was offended.

 I love a good food pun.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Snack Machine

I'm just a snack machine
And I won't work for nobody but you (yeah baby)
I'm just a snack machine
A chew'n and a eatin' fiend

Here we are, hockey is back!  More importantly, LA Kings hockey is back.  I'm beaming with excitement!

This season, we decided that we are not going to partake in the concessions at Staples Center.  I mean, one can only eat so many $8 garlic fries. When I say, eat so many, I mean NEVER.  All last season our section 328 neighbors would eat garlic fries. I love garlic, but I think they use a bottled preminced garlic.  So when it hits the hot fries the smell of stale garlic, topped with green bottle Parmesan create this feet like smelling concoction that is very unappetizing.  I have never eaten them because of this. It is also expensive. And once you've paid $12 for nachos you curse the moment the nacho cheese burns your lips. So our season goal, is to try to sneak in as many different snacks as possible into Staples to supplement the dinner that we've eaten in the car. 

Here is the current plan: (This is a work in progress)

The app Fanpics allows you to check into your seats at Staples and throughout the game they take paparazzi-like pictures of you. See example below from last nights game:

What we are laughing about, who knows! 

So the plan is to have Fanpics take my picture with the snacks that I snuck in. I'm going to try to go big.  Here is the current wishlist of snacks I want to sneak in:

Family Size Flaming Hot Cheeto Puffs
A dill pickle 
Twin Pack Of Old Dutch Ketchup Chips 
A sausage sandwich and fries from Wurstkuche
dried squid
Bulgogi Tacos from Kogi
A turkey leg
2 - 12 inch bahn mi sandwiches from Lee's
An entire Hot and Ready Pizza from Little Caesars

You get the picture. I've already snuck in the Squid peanuts, so I'm basically professional. It's easy.  Hold hockey jersey in arm with snacks hidden inside. DONE! Easy peazy.

So here it is, the master plan. This snack machine can't be stopped unless security does.  Don't tell Staples Center and follow me on the various social media to see how this pans out! 

Instagram: @eizelle.eats.out
SnapChat: log.lady

Thursday, October 1, 2015

This Month in SnackChat

Catching up after a crazy month!  It seems as I get older, days weekends, month, are just escaping me.  Things that I have planned to do never come into fruition especially when it comes to the dealings of my blog.  For that I am sorry.  So before I catch you up with everything, here is a This Month in SnackChat!  

We all want brownies. 

 Playing GOD!

 Said in almost episode of Dateline.

 What a treat.

This always hapens to me, but with chocolate...that I sat on then slept on.

Can't get behind this one.