Friday, December 30, 2016

Eizelle Eats Out 2016

So here we are at the the end of another year. Three years later and still rambling on about food and drinks.  2016, what can I say about you?  It was a weird one for sure.  But I still have my family, friends and health so I think on the Eizelle front, it was pretty good. I want to say Thank You everyone that has sent me SnackChats or accidentally got their hand in a photo and to everyone who stopped by and read just one word on the blog.  I am thankful that I have an outlet for all this energy.  

  I made a little video retrospective about 2016. Looking back we had a lot of fun. I do all my videos on my iPhone and I like making my friends think that I've been taking pictures of them this whole year but really it's been video.  If you missed any other videos this year, look no further.  Eizelle Eats Out YouTube!  

I hope you all have the Happiest New Year and like always, I hope we can eat out one day!

2017 here I come! 

Cheers! eizelle 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

This Week in SnackChat

 Wow! It's already the end of the year!  While it was a crazy year all around, myself, personally it has been pretty good.  In a new-age voyeuristic way, I got to see all the food you all have been eating and when I think about it, I feel like we have all enjoyed a snack together.  Thank you everyone that sent me SnackChats this year.  I look forward to getting more in 2017!  Here here to more eating and friends! 

SnapChat : @log.lady

If the Fast and Furious series has taught me anything, it is family first.

Pretty good looking snack.

That Seafood Boil

Loves me a good food rhyme.  


When I was a kid my Lolo said you are literally what you eat. So if you ate chicken legs, it meant you would be a good runner.  If you ate carrots you would be an eye doctor or if you ate the top of the rice you would be the top of the class.  So if you ate frog legs you would be a good basketball player. It's crazy the memories that stick with you.

I didn't get one this Monday tho...

Bottle bottle bottle.

Just a snack.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

This Week in SnackChat

It's that time.  Yes, that time where I remind you what you have eaten.  The husband has been on  soft fod diet as of lately because he got his wisdom teeth pulled.  So it's nice to see all the real food people are eating.  

If you too want to be on This Week in SnackChat and you have SnapChat, come at me! @log.lady

Tacos is life.  Tacos is love.

Keep it up!


I want to make this. 

Cool Points. Double the ponts if you had an ube shake.

Eizelle in the day time dreams of these tacos.

What's the capitol of Thailand?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November 4th

The weekend of November 4, 2016

I ate the some of the best food with the man I love.

My favorite pizza right now.

Instagram Husband strikes first.