Thursday, January 12, 2017

This is the New Year in SnackChat

Happy first This Week in SnackChat for 2017! This week I feel they are all real wieners. Ah, yes. If your don't know, people send me food picks on SnapChat, I screen shot that, then I share it.   It's make the FOMOOF, fear of missing out on food, real.  Snap at me! @log.lady

And now, your SnackChats

Wait, is that strip of pork belly segmented? 


Everybody be brunching these days except me. Everyone is brunching without me. I'm okay with that. 

Modest lunch. 

What makes it Peruvian? Paella is Paella. 

Ugh.  I'm getting real wanderlust. I need to get out.

Family meal.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy 2017 and cheesecake


Well 2016 is over and done with.  Thank goodness!  It's been a wild one and I am so happy to be healthy-ish, and I have my family and friends.  If there was anything I've learned from the Fast and the Furious movies, is that is is family first. I say healthy-ish, because I have been dealing with a bit of asthma and high blood pressure.  I have my suspicions as to what is causing it.  I'll leave it at that and update you accordingly. 

Moving on, we usually spend every other year out of the country on the New Year.  We were in Thailand one year and then Berlin another .  But I started a new job and it had been pretty crazy with what the Mr. has been doing with work so we stayed local. 

December 31, 2016 started with what we thought would be a quick snack at King Taco.  We were wrong.  The line to order was soooooo long and there was no parking.  So we decided to go elsewhere. Little did we know that very single spot we we would find on Yelp was closing or closed. Our peckish appetites quickly became hanger as we drove closer to Downtown LA to go to the Kings game. We tired something with a Shamrock Fish Co, a shawarma place, a Mexican-Filipino fusion place, no luck! I threw out a few options and then the Mr. casually drops Philippe's. With fingers crossed we head out towards Alameda and find out that it was open and there was parking. Jackpot!  

We ordered two beef double dips, two pickled eggs and potato salad.  IT WAS PERFECT.  It was exactly what we were looking for.  As we stood up to leave, I thought to myslef, "Man, I love this place." At that same moment, the Mr. gave a stretch and said, "Man, I love this place." Maybe it was because were were properly satiated and just happy that we finally got food, but I the sentiment comes from a very pure place and I know that it is shared with a majority of the population of Los Angeles. 

But there is more.  The universe has a way of sending signs that make you think you are going crazy.  remember when I said that we spent every other NYE in different countries? Okay stay with me.  Our first out of country trip was Thailand in 2012 and at the what I thought was bootleg Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, we got a free Cheesecake. How Nice! Didn't think anything of it until at the Michelberger Hotel bar in Berlin. The bartender gives us a free cheesecake! Okay that was in 2014. At Philippe's we grabbed an empty table.  The Mr. steps away to use the potty and I start to snap my pictures. I look down the table and I noticed two untouched cheesecakes. I was like, "Who would leave their uneaten cheesecake?" The bussers passed it about 5-6 times before they tossed it. In 2016 the year we're supposed to travel and didn't I see a cheesecake.  I didn't think it anything of it until later.  It was like something was telling us, "Hey, you might not have traveled out of the country, but this cheesecake means you did it right and it's all going to be okay.But don't eat it. Germs. "

I know. I'm crazy.  I take comfort in that uneaten cheesecake. 

Hello 2017, I'm ready.