Friday, February 27, 2015

February Five Faves

You know what time it is! It's my five favorite things I've seen this month on the internet.  It's been a crazy month and March is going to be crazier! ATL, NYC I'm looking at you! I've never been to Atlanta so this is going to be an adventure! Any suggestions? 

Favorite How to Make Stuff Video: The Dinner Bell, featuring High Maintenance

I love how Vice Munchies has convinced me that Julia Ziegler-Haynes is better than Martha Stewart. I'm making bagels for the next Apartment 7 brunch BTW. 

Favorite YouTube Channel/App: Chefs Feed

It's a great app and it is home of the Chefs Read Bad Reviews.  It's a great app because it features where chefs eat, legit chefs. I'm heading to Atlanta next week and this app will be handy as well as entertaining. 

Favorite Instagram:@donutfriend

A photo posted by Donut Friend (@donutfriend) on

Because it says Taking Back Sundae. I can't. Too good. I wish I lived closer.

FAVORITE THING ON THE INTERNET EVER! A robot that feeds you tomatoes while you run!

SnackChat of the Month

You maybe thinking, Garfield sends you SnapChats? Yes. Cheers Garfield, I mean Stew! 

Scratching the Surface of the SGV

This weekend I paid a little visit to my little brother.  He lives in the SGV or San Gabriel Valley. It was cold and rainy, so it was perfect for gorging on dumplings and other treats. There are so many places in the SGV that I am very excited to want to stuff face.  We went up for the day on short notice so it was pretty off the cuff. Just scratching the surface of the San Gabriel Valley.

Let's work backwards.  After a pint, we went to Donut Friend in Highland Park. I got the Jets to Basil and it was mind exploding.  I never eat whole donuts but I figure, its a once in a while thing so I stuffed face with goat cheese, basil, strawberry jam, with a balsamic sauce.  The names of the donuts reminded me of high school and the music I listed to.  If this existed while I was in high school I would have lied to my parents and taken a field trip with my friends and then stuffed face with the Starting Lime and the Gorilla Biscuit because at that time I could have eaten all the donuts.

Then there is JJ Bakery.  Treats so cute and delicious its fucking scary. Sweet and savory, the selection, imo, is better than 85 Degrees.  85 has so many options and of course the salt coffee, but that bread that looks like a watermelon tho! Also the steamed buns and actual food options and the rye bread. I love it all.

On to the big show, the gateway dumpling, Din Tai Fung. After my first bite I was hooked to the xiao long bao. I Googled how to make it, then what are the best places near Long Beach, obviously it's Westminster and Artesia.  Scratching the surface. Now all I can think of is when and where is the next stop on my dumpling journey? Well, here's a start from Lucky Peach. Let's all go yeah?

Aside from the dumplings we got a woodear mushroom salad, noodles and fried rice all with chili oil? Get the fuck out!

 Until next time SGV!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

Breathe in. Breath out, it's This Week in SnackChat! Sorry for the lack of posts, it's been a really crazy week but I will always make time for This Week in SnackChat my friends.

805 represent! 

I can't tell if that's eggs, mushrooms, or a sponge on top.

Is that a sponge on top?

Don't get me wrong, because I am not above eating cabbage. Cabbage always makes me think of poor people food.  Willy Wonka scarred me. 

I would be too stuffed to function.

Is it weird that I think eating Spam is normal?  

oh Garfield. Someone call Nermal! 

Wabbit Food. 

Don't go around touching other tacos if you know what I'm sayin wink wink, nudge, a oooo gaaaa honk honk.

I meal with a view. 

What did you give up this year for Lent? Me, I gave up on people. Someone call Nermal!

I hate it when that happens. But it's life.  Just like eating a fly.

Hurry up with the damn croissant!  - Kanye West 

So cute! I love eggs! I got a corrsponding SnapChat text to confirm it was pickled egg with smoked trout.  

Bone marrow or bones with marrow still in tact.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

This Week in Snackhat starts off with with a late nighter.  We didn't really eat dinner, we went to a house party, we were hungry, so Dorittos Tacos Loco happens.  It was seriously the most perfect taco I have ever seen. Taste wise, it was a Taco Bell taco.  Now, I'm talking to you Taco Bell R&D, Salsa Verde taco shell or GTFO! 
The second part of my soapbox talk is that Long Beach needs better late night eats.  I appreciate a good late night taco,  I'm looking at you El Sauz, but when you're on a Vespa and it's late, sometimes you don't want to stray too far from home.

And now to the SnackChats!
Is it odd that the bottom bun is not visible? Is the top bun eating the bottom bun? 


When in paradise!

The prime rib is as big as the Mai Tai's.

#imadethis #doyouevenjuicebro

VD Zaa that will make grown men fawn.    

AKA a slow cooker party. Where are the Fritos?

Let's all take a break...Okay, on to more SnackChats.

Not sure what kind of feels I have for this.  I love Brussels sprouts.

 A little insensitive caption on the chips in my opinion. Remember WWII? 

pupusas and platanos 

wiener love

five star breakfast. 

Now you see it.

Now you don't

Heading the rear with that tip doe. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Every February You'll Be My Valentine.

I'm not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day. It's not really a big food holiday and it's not the best candy either. Making a reservation for a prefix meal isn't my idea of romance.  But, if you are in need of some Valentine's cards and you and your lover love food, I've found the most perfect ones for you!  

Yeah, I love it when you explain things more than they need to be. This could have just stopped at "hot tip." 

Because I say that things are my "jam" all the time. 
Find it here!

It's weird that a sausage is basically committing murder.  It must be love.  I watch enough Dateline to know. 

More vintage goodies here. Other vintage ones here.


We don't do much for VD, I do however remember our first Valentine's meal, because I'm weird like that.  It was BBQ seared ahi tuna with asparagus. It was all I could ever ask for. Cooking food is very intimate and I hope that you cook from your loved one.  If VD ain't your thing? A group of friends for Palentines! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

Welcome to This Week in SnackChat!  If this is your first rodeo,  I take screencaps of SnapChats that my friends send of food.  You too can Snap at me: log_lady

The title snap is one that I sent out.  It is what I like to file under sexy vegetables that make me uncomfortable.  I mean look at them?  They are NSFW veggies.

Thank God it's not a pan full of the white ones.  Do you think the green asparagus get a little jealous of the white ones? I mean they are a bit bigger... Okay I'll stop.

The perfect summer treat. 

Hi, can I get the guac on the side?

No poblano! 

This was voted the best Bloody Mary in Long Beach.  You can say it's the Queen of Bloody Mary's in Long Beach.  Someone needs to dethrone them.

That's a lot of greens on that pizza.

These are starting to become my favorite SnackChats. 


Apple puree aka a fancy name for applesauce. #applesausebitch  

More asparagus! Tis the season for smelly pee I guess.  

A #desklunch classic.