Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Week In Snack Chat

I start off This Week in SnackChat with one of my own.  I proudly introduce to the internet hot dogs wrapped in chicken skins.  Everyone say hello! They are delish.  If you ever have a rotisserie chicken and hot dogs at the same time, you too can make these crispy beauties. It's a little Silence of the Lambs and put the lotion in the basket style.  Lotion being mustard.

Directions for Silence of the Lambs: beef hot dogs wrapped in chicken skin
Warm hot dog in skillet
take skin off rotisserie chicken
wrap warm hot dogs in chicken skins
   placed wrapped hot dogs in skillet for 6 minutes to crisp
place in bun
put mustard on dog

And now everyone elses SnackChats.
It is important to have all your peppers in a row.

The sun shines bright on my old Montucky beer
Tis summer, the snacks are gay.
The beer top's cracked and the meadow's in the bloom

Poor babies didn't stand a chance. 

Someone once told me that when you have breakfast for dinner you were poor. 

Go home salmon, you're high!

A little sloppy on the cilantro there.

Would it be appropriate to say, "This is my jam?"

This was a video of a sandwich.

Thank friends! Keep them coming!

I will also be out of office this weekend.  This gives you plenty of time to catch up on old posts and to think about your pies!

Drinking Out on a School Night

 Usually Shane and I never go out to events especially in Downtown LA on a Wednesday. But I finally convinced him that this is a good idea. Ludlows Cocktails Jelly Shots had a cocktail crawl in DTLA. There is a backstory. I funded their Kickstarter campaign.  Why? Have you ever seen me turn down a Jell-O shot? Ludlows jelly shots are all natural, require no refridgeration, and are 30 proof.  The flavors include Planters Punch, Old Fashioned, Margarita, Moscow Mule, and Meyer Lemon Drop. I know right? Why the fuck not! I fully support anything that makes it easier to sneak beverages into the Kings game. Uhhhh....Not saying that I do that though. 

We went to three bars and tried a Jelly Shot and the actual cocktail counterpart. One bar hooked it up with an extra drink too.  We went to Peking Tavern, Mas Malo, and  Honeycut.  The featured jelly shots were the Planters Punch, Fresh Lime Margarita, and the Moscow Mule. I was really hoping for the Old Fashioned because it is the drink of my 30s but I can wait for the next crawl or when they hit stores.  

I was pretty drunk by the end of the night, but I wasn't drunk enough to enjoy the Coolhaus ice cream bar! Yes, the co-founder of Coolhaus, is the founder of Ludlows Jelly Shots. Together they are doing something amazing and I am completely inspired and that's not  Hammered Montana talking! 

Total Jelly Shots Consumed: 4 1/2.
Totally cocktails consumed:
Favorite Jelly Shot Consumed: Mosow Mule
Favorite cocktail consumed: Medicina Latina at Mas Malo. 

How did I feel the next day at work? 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eating Out the Packing District

Anahiem. What a weird town. A confluence of locals and tourist in one place all getting along roaming the streets of Downtown Disney. But Anaheim is more than just Disneyland. There is more to Anaheim than Goofy's Kitchen, or in my case, Wetzel's Pretzel. 

Enter the Anaheim Packing District.  From the brain of Shaheen Sadeghi aka the guy who is making the OC kinda cool.  He brought us the Camp and the Lab, all very different hangouts but all share the fact that the parking sucks ball sacks.  Plan to park on the streets, sorry neighbors.

So this place is pretty.  Probably 20 or so places of just food, cafeteria style.  The Asians were going APE SHIT for the Pop Bar.  The lines are insane for a $5 customizable popsicle.  It made it hard to find the best place to eat. 

We found two good spots, which were both located towards the back part of the mall away from people but perfect for people watching, Georgia's and Wheat an Son's

Georgia's is on the second floor of this this food valhalla. There wasn't line, there were open tables and they had fried chicken with the option of two sides. One order can feed two, #dealofthecentury. There was a girl sitting at the table caddy corner to ours. If you have eaten chicken out with me, you know that I clean that shit. As a child I was taught that there was food on them bones so, I ate everything.  The case was true for here and said girl at table was visually disgusted as I made out hard with the fried drumstick.

End result:

Wheat and Son's was rad.  Cured and preserved meats, whole raw chickens and house made sausages. I'm in love! Oddly enough, we ordered the carrot and burrata salad and roasted cauliflower. Whatever man. We go to the meat place to order the salad. If a place that serves up great looking meats and can't serve up a good salad, then you have no place on my blog.

 It was pretty awesome.  I have faith in the world.  Just letting you know right now, cauliflower is the new brussel sprout. Putting it out there. 

 When you come here, if you decide to come here, especially on the weekend, be prepared to walk to push your way to the back of the mall. I guess you can say this place is like Disneyland.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cookbook Tuesday: Pok Pok

Ahhhh! It's Cookbook Tuesday, my favorite day of the week.  It's like kindergarten show and tell, but every week I bring a cookbook.

This week I chose Pok Pok by Andy Ricker.  Like Ivan Ramen, it is a book about love and obsession, but this time Thailand and Thai food.  Shane got this book for our one year anniversary.  It's paper and it represents us.  I know its kinda weird and odd that a book could represent a couple but it does.  

This isn't an ordinary Thai food cookbook.  Andy Ricker keeps it real.  The recipes and procedures in the book are the recipes straight from a Thai kitchen or street corner.  Every recipe is also prefaced with a short essay that relates to the meal and paints Andy Ricker's Thailand. 

 To me, Thai food in America is dumbed down.  I went to a Thai restaurant in Long Beach and we ordered the Som Tam or papaya salad.  This usually has dried shrimps which I enjoy...because I'm that Asian but it is good.  This restaurant listed the dried shrimp but it was blacked out. Shane questioned why there isn't dried shrimp in the salad and the server said, "It's not good with the shrimps in it."   I've had it at other places and I've made it with dried shrimps and it's good. We didn't want to argue.

In this book, it is important to make the recipes the way that is described.  It may not be the best or easiest way, but it is the way it is done in Thailand and it's delicious. So why fuck with something that is delicious? Right. That is why I love this book.


 Have you seen Farang yet? It's the documentary about Andy Ricker on Vice Munchies.  I posted  a link the the July 5 favorites.  Oh you missed it?  Here is it again. It's free!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Eating Out Bunz

See that car in the picture behind me?  They were casing the joint. The driver got out of the car, looked at the menu and went back in the car, relayed some information to the passenger, backed the car up so passenger could see the menu, passenger buries face in phone, and then drove off. This was the same story for about two other cars.  Sounds strange but when you take one look at their Yelp page it will all make sense.  

Bunz Gourmet Burgers in San Pedro is like if MVPs in Long Beach and Stacked had baby. Take the ambiance of MVP and the customization of Stacked.  It seems there are people who are put off by the fact that they call it a gourmet burger but the ambiance is not one that would support. For out of towners to San Pedro, this is simply a case of expectations versus reality. It's like seeing someone on Tinder that says they are 6'2 but when you meet them, they are 5'11 and to you, height make a difference.   They have 53 reviews and an four and a half star rating. Pretty good especially for a town that loves sandwiches. No really, there are like 50 sandwich places here and they all close at 5pm.  I ordered the Pedro because, this was obviously their embodiment of San Pedro or the P as I like to say.


Then we hit the dive bars.  We went to see band play at The Spot but when there is another bar across the street, I mean, why not? One drink can't hurt right?

It's the deep South Bay. 

I'm kinda in love with this town.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Light Reads

You know it's nearing the weekend when you make hot dogs for dinner.  To be fair, I brought out the kimchi and made a somewhat fancier dog than the usual but they were just hot dogs. The fucked up part is that we ate two last weekend with sliced bread and I just bought a pack of buns. Now I'm left with two extra buns. Guh, the struggle is real.

 Welp, it's the weekend and to cure the hunger of the wandering mind, I present you some links for your reading pleasure.

A 1001 Hot Dog Proposal:  An example of true romance. 

Make a giant fucking Pop Tart your damn self!

Cheers for Churros! 

This print is sold out, but there are other amazing ones here!

Happy Weekend Friends!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

This Week in SnackChat

 Whoa guys, 11 SnackChats this week!?! I am impressed.   Shout outs to Travis, Chucho, Dustin, Mike, J and to the SnackChat first timer, Stew.

Not too many salads this week.  I think it is because the seasons are changing.  Fall means more hearty snacks and less of the fresh stuff. But this is Southern California and it is Summer till about January so it's just a cheat week guys??

 If you are ever are in Travis's company and you don't know what to eat. This should guide the way.

No one should be too proud to eat a Cup o Noodles. 


It's not the burger itself that is hell, it is the after effects on you butt that is hell.

I'm not going to openly judge Restauration by this SnackChat but I secretly am. I'm giving you two more months...

The award for the healthiest SnackChat this week! 

 The award for the unhealthiest SnackChat!
 Comfort food to the fucking max.

It's not cheating if there is fruit right? 
Chinese food Monday, But in this case Tuesday, is sweeping the greater northern Orange County by storm.   #CFM

Don't threaten my taste buds with a good time.

Got a SnackChat? SnapChat it to me! log.lady 
Full Disclosure: I will screencap yo shit son!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cookbook Tuesday 8.19.14

Happy Tuesday friends! Today's book is Betty Crocker's Guide to Easy Entertaining. I have a small collection of Betty Crocker spiral bound books. They range from the late 1950's to the early 1970's. This book is a 1959 first printing. More than anything they are fun to read.  They are like little bound time capsules of a simpler time. When this book was published, diet restrictions did not include gluten free and the world was a more polite. People didn't worry about where their food came from or what farm or GMOs or cage free.  It was a simpler time. In later Betty Crocker books, more processed food are used in the recipes, marking a move towards the industrialization of food. 


Illustrations, as always are the best! I want to get this tattooed. One of my favorite was to keep notes on your diners as to not repeat meals. Because the WORLD WOULD END IF THIS HAPPENED!

This is my favorite color photo.  Something about a green frosting on a sandwich loaf is so appealing. 

Mmm...minced clam- cheese dip. 

My favorite quote and word of advice from the book is, "The best way to keep up with the Joneses is not to try." 

Below is my attempt a a parody book. 

Until next Tuesday, I politely await your return. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Dearest Lima Bean

Dear Lima Beans, 

I never really gave you a chance.  As a child, I thought you smelled like feet and you only existed in the frozen variety mixed in with carrots, corn and peas.  But I was wrong.  You have a rich buttery flavor and when cooked properly you don't smell like feet. I will never betray you and Shane, you were right.

Please accept my apology

A faithful Lima Bean Eater, 
Eizelle Eats Out. 

PS. Here is how I will cook you.   

 extra-virgin olive oil
salted butter
 fresh lima beans
garlic, minced
kosher salt to taste
fresh cracked pepper to taste
lemon zest and juice

Heat skillet to medium heat, add oil and butter. Then add lima beans and cook, stirring occasionally, for about 15 - 20 minutes. Add garlic, salt, and pepper, and lemon zest, saute a minute or two longer. Sprinkle with lemon juice
Serve with: Pasta, fresh tomatoes and grated Parmesan.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cold Brew Coffee, Local Edition.

I am a sucker for locally made products and good design.  The last coffee post featured two coffees from Oakland and Portland and these coffees were in boxes. This time around I am very proud to have consumed two home grown cold brewed coffees in glass bottles.  Mind you, this was within a 24 hour span.  Well now that I think about it, we drank our very own cold brew last night.  So make that three consumed and two pictured local cold brew black coffee. 

Seaworth Coffee Co. is out of Costa Mesa, CA and is only bottled cold brew coffee.  I tried the 1 to 1 ratio of coffee to water and it was perfect!

Lord Windsor cold brew is out of the good ole LBC.  Lord Windsor is a coffee shop on the corner of 3rd and Cerritos.  Today, to launch their cold brew, and to celebrate the First Annual Cerritos Block Party,  gave out not beer coozies and a free cold brew to the first 50 people and I was one of them! No 1 to 1 ratio here, we drank it straight out of the bottle and in the streets.  

The block party featured lots of local vendors and farmers selling awesome stuff.   I found out there is a home bread maker just down the street from my house! These are the people in my neighborhood and I love it! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting over the Hump

 It's Thursday and you know what time it is, SNACKCHAT TIME!  My friends send me pictures of their food and I post them here. Also a bonus round video to get you over the hump and into the freakin' weekend.

 You may be thinking, "Whoa Eizelle, you posted this picture last week bro." Truth is, they are two different SnapChats. For reals.

Anything with an egg on top is okay by me.

I'm a sucker for a spinning cone of meat! 



I saw this video today and it made me want to eat pancakes because truthfully, I don't like them. Maybe because I've had mediocre pancakes.  Sorry Potholder and every other brunch spot in Long Beach. But really not sorry.  Step your game up.

Matty Matheson is the best.  This is the word.