Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cookbook Tuesday 8.19.14

Happy Tuesday friends! Today's book is Betty Crocker's Guide to Easy Entertaining. I have a small collection of Betty Crocker spiral bound books. They range from the late 1950's to the early 1970's. This book is a 1959 first printing. More than anything they are fun to read.  They are like little bound time capsules of a simpler time. When this book was published, diet restrictions did not include gluten free and the world was a more polite. People didn't worry about where their food came from or what farm or GMOs or cage free.  It was a simpler time. In later Betty Crocker books, more processed food are used in the recipes, marking a move towards the industrialization of food. 


Illustrations, as always are the best! I want to get this tattooed. One of my favorite was to keep notes on your diners as to not repeat meals. Because the WORLD WOULD END IF THIS HAPPENED!

This is my favorite color photo.  Something about a green frosting on a sandwich loaf is so appealing. 

Mmm...minced clam- cheese dip. 

My favorite quote and word of advice from the book is, "The best way to keep up with the Joneses is not to try." 

Below is my attempt a a parody book. 

Until next Tuesday, I politely await your return. 

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