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Oh hi! I'm Eizelle.  This is my blog. Thank you for stopping by! Here you will find my current musings of food, drinks and anything else that passes though my mouth.  I like to cook and eat and other than feeding my husband, I occasionally feed other people.  When I am not doing any of those things you can find me at a (LA Kings) hockey game, at work, or running.  I am currently training to run a full marathon have ran a full marathon and now running 33 miles in a day for 33 years. I have a hard time telling my left from right and I suck at math but I pretty good at karaoke. 

I'm originally from Oxnard, I did a stint in Portland and eventually made my way back to the city I where I went to college, Long Beach.  I studied fashion merchandising but in effort regain my food cred, my department shared a hall with the food science department. That probably didn't work but whatever! 

I'll try anything once and if I don't like it, I'll give it a go again.  I like to give second chances.  My faves include but not in any particular order: rice, candy, but not jelly beans, eggs, pineapple and watermelon, together or separate, fennel, anything in mini, and chicken wings. 

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully we can eat out together!

Questions, comments, suggestions? Holla at me: eizelle.eats.out@gmail.com
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