Thursday, December 31, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

The Xmas has came and went! Time to pack up your ugly sweaters and eat all you can before you start eating healthy-ish again. 

This is the last This Week in SnackChat till the New Year.  So, maybe as a new year resolution, maybe think about sending Eizelle Eats Out more SnackChats! 

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See y'all in he New Year! 

Palms sweaty...

Friday, December 11, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

Your huddled SnapChats yearning to be free, The hungry refuse of your SnackChats bore. Send these, the burgers, tacos-tossed to me mouth, I lift my phone to screenshot yours.

This Week in SnackChat rolling on through December! 

This week, we had some new friends in the mix. Welcome and thank you for the SnackChats! Keep them coming!  Snap at me: log.lady

Beer is a totally approved snack of choice.

This is class case of FOMO.  

Guh, the avocado kills it.

Its basically sushi death by avocado.

(I'm allergic to avocado)

It's the same reasoning behind eating hot soup on a hot day.  

You're a stuffed poblano pepper.

I'm trying to write a condom joke but I'm coming up short. 

But what about the leftovers?  It's 2 meals for the price of one.

Name dropped so hard.

The food goes in your mouth. 

Avocado killed a hot dog.

You can take the girl away from Portland, but you can't take the Portland away from the girl.  Don't eat too many of those persimmons tho.

Zaa game

I am all for the taco emoji, but what about soft shell taco emojis? 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Wisdom Teeth

Finally!  They are out of my mouth.  Most people get one, two or all removed at like 18, but I let all four of mine just live in my mouth till now.  I guess it's been too long because they have been pushing my other teeth around and creating havoc for my overall dental heath.  They were not giving me problems, but I got the message.  My dentist gives me a new referral for oral surgery after every visit.

So I got them out. It wasn't too bad and I think for the most part kept myself together.  I also got to keep them.  The worst part is not the pain after, but it is all the things that you cannot eat after the surgery. For a week after, it's just soft foods aka baby food and nothing fizzy, so no beer. Which I am fine with. Shane made a really good mashed potatoes and had the foresight to roast an acorn squash. I was able to turn that into a soup and together they make a good meal. But for a whole month my do not eat list includes, rice, oatmeal, anything with seeds, no spicy food, nuts, and chips. WTF!?!  For someone who has lived their whole life on rice this is a major blow, especially with the Holidays and ham.  My favorite snack is cold ham and cold rice and knowing that I will have to pass on the rice is killing the little fat Filipino girl spirit animal in me.  

So here is the picture of what I've been eating.  Scrambled eggs, acorn squash soup, and mashed potatoes.  Trying to squeeze as much nutrition as possible into what I actually can eat.  I've also been juicing all the fruits and veggies I can.  

PS, is this normal guys?  This is where the IV was inserted. 

 Since being on this new "diet" my body has since gone into survival mode.  I have also made up a list of everything I want to eat this moment.

  1. EJs Wings with a Beer. I've been the EJs twice this weekend and it was basically torture. 
  2. Kimchee and rice
  3. Meat 
  4. Oranges and apples
In the end it will be worth all the trouble. Right? TELL ME IT"S GOING TO BE OKAY! 

Friday, December 4, 2015

All My Friends Are Bartenders

You know the segment on Sesame Street, "These are the people in my neighborhood?"  Well, these are the people in my neighborhood, the bartenders. It became very apparent that after moving back to Long Beach from Portland, that all my friends were either becoming bartenders or the new friends I was making were bartenders. To you they are your enabler, to me they are my friends that I like to visit when they are working. You may get up to the bar before I do, but I can get a drink faster that you.  

Say hello to Dustin.

We've been friends for 10 years now. When I met him, he had rectangle wire glasses, was clean shaved and wore baggy jeans. Now he has plastic glasses, has a beard and wears fitted jeans and is a dj.  All growns up!  He's a great friend and an awesome bartender. Next time you find yourself at the Pike in Long Beach, make sure you say hello to Dustin aka D-Train, aka Desirable D formally known as Dust Digg.

Dustin's Signature Drink: Preacher Man
Traverse City Cherry Whiskey
Zucca,a  rhubarb liquor 
simple syrup

Thursday, December 3, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

It's a little late but better than never! Thank you to everyone!
You got SnapChat? Find me: log.lady
I take screencaps! 

If you ask nicely, I say it's probable.

Sam and Mich's Sammiches coming soon!

I ate one of these in Mexico.  It was so sweet, but totally worth it.

That secret menu steaz. 

Surf and turf turf.

Love these things.  I especially love how others hate these things.

What else can you deep fry tho?


Tell me about it.

Ramen weather. But really ramen is totally appropriate in the summer too. 
The torta says it's thankful for you too.   But also can you get the torta like a napkin.  It's starting to get demanding.

SmellChat doesn't have the same ring but I can only imagine what it smells like. 

The most wonderful time of the year!

If only turkeys were this size.

 Leftover breakfast is the best.

Okay I get it!

Medium is the only way to go.

Salmon mash.

Yeah, EJ's Medium is sufficient.


You're a pozole lunch.


You're a poke bowl.

Classic! Fun Fact: I have never eaten at Sizzler.

Good luck with all the farts.

That cake is like glowing!