Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Light Reads

You know it's nearing the weekend when you make hot dogs for dinner.  To be fair, I brought out the kimchi and made a somewhat fancier dog than the usual but they were just hot dogs. The fucked up part is that we ate two last weekend with sliced bread and I just bought a pack of buns. Now I'm left with two extra buns. Guh, the struggle is real.

 Welp, it's the weekend and to cure the hunger of the wandering mind, I present you some links for your reading pleasure.

A 1001 Hot Dog Proposal:  An example of true romance. 

Make a giant fucking Pop Tart your damn self!

Cheers for Churros! 

This print is sold out, but there are other amazing ones here!

Happy Weekend Friends!

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