Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Week In Snack Chat

I start off This Week in SnackChat with one of my own.  I proudly introduce to the internet hot dogs wrapped in chicken skins.  Everyone say hello! They are delish.  If you ever have a rotisserie chicken and hot dogs at the same time, you too can make these crispy beauties. It's a little Silence of the Lambs and put the lotion in the basket style.  Lotion being mustard.

Directions for Silence of the Lambs: beef hot dogs wrapped in chicken skin
Warm hot dog in skillet
take skin off rotisserie chicken
wrap warm hot dogs in chicken skins
   placed wrapped hot dogs in skillet for 6 minutes to crisp
place in bun
put mustard on dog

And now everyone elses SnackChats.
It is important to have all your peppers in a row.

The sun shines bright on my old Montucky beer
Tis summer, the snacks are gay.
The beer top's cracked and the meadow's in the bloom

Poor babies didn't stand a chance. 

Someone once told me that when you have breakfast for dinner you were poor. 

Go home salmon, you're high!

A little sloppy on the cilantro there.

Would it be appropriate to say, "This is my jam?"

This was a video of a sandwich.

Thank friends! Keep them coming!

I will also be out of office this weekend.  This gives you plenty of time to catch up on old posts and to think about your pies!

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