Thursday, September 4, 2014

This Week in SnackChat

I did a litte makeover on the the blog.  It's a little back to school action. Gotta get a new look! I hope you like it!  My friend Mike Guzman, who designed all the stationary for my wedding, created my new logo. It looks a little familiar?

Thank you for helping me with the pie survey! I'm entering the savory and maybe nut? Catch the details here.

Back to the good shit! I guess SnapChat world knew I was on vacay (yes I am on the vacay spelling versus vaca). But I the work never ends.    Here is all the peoples snacks you and I missed out on.

Some people snack on BBQ 'za.

Some people's snacks are rawer than others.  

Some people's snacks are homemade.

 Some people eat snacks with PBR.

Some people's snacks are next level. An orange filled with orange sorbet? Get outta here! I love the Mountain Dew on the table tho. 

Some people's snacks are snacks of the first grader variety. 

Some people's snacks are just better than most.

Keep them coming! Catch me on SnapChat! Username: log.lady

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