Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This Week in SnackChat Part 1.

 You may be looking at the calender and asking yourself, "Is today Thursday?" The answer is no, sadly.  I just had a shit ton of SnackChats that I didn't get to post because I was out of town.  So enjoy!

Wait, is Guy Fieri my friend on SnapChat?

A sign of a good fry is when the oil soaks through the paper.

Oh the 80's.

You know you are all growns up when you order a root beer float at the bar.
Wait, the buffalo chicken sandwich is not in the Bloody Mary? GETOUTTAHERE!


This Too Shall Pass, from my eyes to my bowels. See what I did there? No?

I can't eat with you.

Good ole' Nachos Barrios.


#chinesefoodmonday taking over.

This last picture is not a SnapChat because my sister in law doesn't have the app.  We got this the day after the kiddies birthday party.  The plate is the gift we got them.

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