Thursday, September 25, 2014

This Week in SnackChat Part 2.

I either went a little screencap crazy or you guys are sending in lots of SnackChats.  Probably a good combination of both.  Here are the rest of the SnackChats from this week. 

What is this? Tacos for ants?

It's basically a protein style taco. 

 Pass dat shit.

I made this in my dreams, with a blindfold.

Whatever this is, I need a dinosaur in a hat.

#saddesklife Sorry bro, I was out of town.

I know those fries. Probably the best fries ever! 

That geo tag tho.

This was actually my meal, but SncakChat'ed by a friend and SnapChat'ed to me. 

I love the weird shit! 

True dat my friend! Unless it's a happy meal.

 Whoa, that is the same red bag in the picture above.

This one came to me this morning. Oh Dustin at least the stove wasn't on.

Thanks friends! Keep them coming! SnapChat user: log.lady

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