Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Light Reading

Thank GOD it is fucking Friday right? For me this week was too long and I am ready for the weekend.  Things should be back to normal this week. I hope....

This week a midst the preseason hockey and post tradeshow madness, I was able to make a crust and filling for the KCRW Pie Contest.  I am super nervous!  While I am keeping most of what I do hush hush on the Internets, here are a few pictures of the R and D.  I'm not completely ready to share my recipe as I am making a few tweaks here and there.  I wanted to make sure it is just right! 

Keep it crusty.  Gotta let it sit in the cold! 

I tried carving EEO for Eizelle Eats Out but I'm still working on the art part. 

I'm trying to decide which crust to use... 

Since it's the weekend, I figure why not provide some light reads for you Saturday hangover reading pleasure. 

Ruffles Tumblr: Yeah, I accidentally clicked on a banner ad but this is surprisingly hilarious!

Cleo's Carrot Cake: So you know my love for Jewels of New York by now.  But Cleo the Bunny has a recipe video! AHHHHHHH!!!!! SO CUTE!!!! Recipe in the link!


Top With Cinnamon:  New favorite blog. She's like 18 and is having a book published? Jells for sure.  

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