Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Late Night Cookbook Tuesday

 This post is dedicated to the insomniacs and the people working the night shift. 

Momofuku is the cookbook that started the collection. This is the gateway cookbook to the hardcore cookbook shit. This book begat the Lucky Peach subscription, begat the Mind of a Chef binge watches, begat the Momofuku Milkbar book.  It's pretty bad.   

As you can see, I've marked many a recipes and I've made many a recipes.  One of them is actually my go to when I don't have any ideas for dinner or weekend lunch.  

 I love this book. Everything I thought about cookbooks was flipped upside down. The a Food Network star cookbook is clown shoes compared to Momofuku.  

Usually the wait to eat at Momofuku is out the door, but the one time I go, they sit me immediately.  It was the stuff foodie dreams are made of. 

 Bonus Track!

 This book was in the Air BnB from Denver, called Nuggets, how appropriate!

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