Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pie Hole

This year, I've made a few resolutions.  One was to run a full marathon, the other was to be more assertive.  So, when I heard KCRW is having their 6th annual Pie Contest, I figured why no assert myself into a pie contest.  It is on October 5 at the Fowler Museum in UCLA.  

I'm nervous and excited and overall pretty fucking scared.  I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, it's a contest! The last time I made a full pot pie from scratch was when I lived in Portland but I took shortcuts.  This time I think,*crosses fingers* that I can and will do EVERYTHING from scratch.  So with that, I decided to enter the savory pie category, DUH! I had some really good submissions from the pie survey that were really helpful!  I also did some R and D myself.

To be fair this wasn't a real pot pie, but the thought was there.  Centered in the bowl is a really fluffy and delicious biscuit.  I wasn't too excited about the gravy and the fact that there were mushrooms and I usually love mushrooms!  All notes for the Pintrest in my mind.

Here they are, submissions from the pie survey!  Thank you all again!   I will take these notes and hold them dear. If you want to add credit to your entry, let me know in the comments! 

What is your favorite kind of pie? What do you like, dislike? How do you like your crust?
Favorite: pear gruyere pie

I usually dislike fruit pies because they are too sweet, but the gruyere cuts the sweetness and provides the savory element. I like that the crust is flakey, but not too dry.

Here is a link to the one I have made before:
My favorite kind of pie is a Cheesecake Pie, made with graham cracker crumb crust and topped with Cool Whip whipped topping and freshly cut strawberrys. I would like that shit fed to me by a naked @missjuliakelly, while discussing my future marriage with Jessica Alba.
Fruit pies: must have a buttery, flaky crust that isn't bland, too sweet or too salty. The fruit filling shouldn't be overly sweet. Cherry is my favorite fruit pie.

Cream pies: usually custard or chocolate (French Silk) are delicious, however, I honestly don't know much about those two. I'm putting key lime in this category and I know that they taste best when they have a nice tangy flavor and the key lime taste comes through nicely. Must have a graham cracker crust, whipped cream is not necessary, but there's nothing wrong with adding some fresh whipped cream.

Chicken or turkey pot pies:
Should have a good flaky crust and a lot of filling. The crust must be tasty, a bland crust really hurts a pot pie.

Hope this is helpful.
Crumbled crust or crispy flakey. Is cheesecake a pie? Other wise strawberry or black/boysenberry. Oh wait pumpkin pie is my ultimate jam with crumble crust on top.
Boysenberry. All berry pies are good. I don't care for pumpkin, key lime, lemon meringue or other cream pies as those are actually for fatties that prefer cake. I don't prefer a flakey crust, it should have an element of moisture and should ultimately taste like you're sucking the cholesterol out of a one of those Disneyland gangmembers arteries (again a fat reference).
I don't care for pie. I find the filling to be the part that bothers me most. I find that most fruit pies are mushy, and the fruit itself isn't quite firm, nor squishy. If I had to eat a pie, I'd pick pumpkin. The filling is firm, yet can be cut with a fork, and the filling doesn't make the crust soggy.
General Pie Nay-Sayer
I love really classic pies that are really simple. My favorite is probably apple pie with the classic pie crust. What I love about this type of pie is that you can make your own spin on it with the type of topping design that you do. There's the classic basket weave but there are also more intricate designs such as stacked leaves for a fall vibe or something more intricate like a lattice top.
I also like Apple pie because there is less guilt because there is the word apple in it. ;)
My favorite pie is Apple. It has a sweet taste to it with cinnamon and sugar, but a nice crunch from the apples. Deal breaker is apples that are too tart.
Sweet: Strawberry pie from Polly's Pie.

Savory: Chicken pot pie from Polly's Pie.

Worst savory: Chicken pot pie from The Attic, Long Beach (BARF)

-Jeanne :D

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