Thursday, January 29, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

 Happy Post Hump Day!  Better late than never, here it is all your delicious SnackChats! 

I don't know if you are telling me that I should be jelly, or that you really hope that the stuff on top of the bread is jelly. 

I tried this, it is good.


Snaps on the perfectly cooked egg.

My mind would too.


Like five minutes after I saw this I saw the person that Snapped this. #meta

Hands down, best candy holiday is Easter. True, I have a bias towards eggs, but it is very true that the candy made for Easter is better than any Halloween.  My only gripe is that Easter is a jelly bean holiday. I fucking hate those things.

My hangover juice.

Are the SnackChatters trying to out healthy each other?  It's like healthy bragging.  #healthbrag

 I don't like cake, but I love Frosted Cupcakery.  I can only eat about a fourth of a cupcake in one sitting. I can't do whole thing. It's a weird quirk because I don't like cake, but I like the idea of cupcakes. It's the cute thing and that you are not fully committing to a single flavor.  You can't make cakes look cute.

Fusion bro. 

Looks like a Limp Brisket.


God I'm glad I got that monkey off my back. I know this isn't brisket, but I've been dying to write, "Looks like Limp Brisket."  But I was starting to fear that this day will never come.  It doesn't have the same ring if it read, "Looks like a Limp Flap Steak" or "Looks like a Limp London Broil." So there it is folks!

 A thank you.

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