Friday, January 30, 2015

January 5 Favorites

Time does not seem to be slowing down.  It's already the end of the month! The beginning of the year, people usually try to reset from the crazyness of the holidays and try to undo all the damage done from eating too many fudge squares but that last part might only be true for me. This is also a good time to set some new goals and resolutions.  Whatever they may be, I hope you stick to them! 

And now, on to my Five Favorite Things for the month of January. 

Favorite Website Update: Lucky Peach

I started to get anxiety looking for certain magazines. Yes, I still read and buy magazines.  It's nostalgia I guess. The few I go on quests to find are Cherry Bombe, Kinfolk, Lula and Lucky Peach.  I ended up getting subscriptions to a few of these magazines because the anxiety was really getting intense.  I have every issue of Lucky Peach, including Lucky Peach Issue 1. They did a recent update to their website and it is pretty amazing.  Some of the features and recipes are from the magazine but there is also a lot of original content and new videos.  This month is was ramen month.   I check it daily and I am pretty much in love with this video/recipe from 2013:

Favorite Instagram: Sunday Suppers

I featured her cookbook on Cookbook Tuesday this week and today, I feature their Instagram.  Seriously, she can make a over ripe banana beautiful.  Karen Mordechai makes we want everyday to be Sunday but in a good way and not like Morrissey.

Favorite Stories Regarding the Repeal of the Ban on Fois Gras in California:

I have two actually. The first story is from Eater, and it details an independent farmer that is trying to make humane fois gras.  The other is a documentary from Vice.  That's all. 

Favorite Food Blog: Local Milk

Beth Kirby from Local Milk, just like Karen Mordechai from Sunday Suppers, can make anything beautiful.  She is a great photographer and cook and it shows in her blog. It is like a dream that I would never want to wake up from. 

Snackchat of the Month:

Cute eggs win every time. Congrats girl! 

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  1. Winner winner brisket dinner. t goes just as well as chicken and it's what I really had for dinner