Friday, January 9, 2015

For the Love of Wieners

This is the Part 1 of the few posts about our trip to Berlin and Prague.  The one thing that they both had in common was a love for the encased meat.

You know how New York has the dirty water dog and LA has the bacon wrapped street dog but there, it is a whole other level of hot doggyness. Let's start in Prague.

It has to be love when what seems like a wiener shop chain depicts a gentleman with a wiener in his mouth.  The one above was taken in Kunta Hora, CZ, the one below in Prague.  

I guess it's a pretty popular place. Kosteleke uzeniny. From what I gather, to have this hanging from your establishment is like having the stamp of good taste. This I can only assume. I mean, why else would you have a picture of a dude with a wiener in your mouth if it wasn't in good taste? 

Okay, so maybe it's a Eastern European thing to have your picture taken or drawn whilst eating.  

I mean...errr... it's all about preference in wieners. Either way, they are all good looking.  I feel they have skimped on the mustard though.

These tasty sausages were from Nase Maso. We found this place just walking around and I am so glad we got to eat here. To say that they were tasty is an understatement. The place was awesome and they took a lot of pride in the meat they sourced and the product they put out.  It was so refreshing to see.  They owner worked the cash register. They also took a lot of pride in their beer tap that looked like water fountain. 

The wiener couch at the Currywurst Museum.  Yes, the pinnacle of culture, a museum dedicated to the street food of Berlin.

A map of all the currywurst in all the land! 

I can make your currywurst. Hey yo!

What goes best with currywurst? Pomme frites!

It looks like a phone but it just played songs about currywurst.

At the end of it, we got a little sample. They best part, the little wood fork things! They are actually perfect! 

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