Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Eating Out Berlin

Berlin is magical. The tap water is drinkable but no restaurant will serve it to you and a drip coffee is almost nonexistent.  Here the currywurst and pomme frites are so abundant, they should be  a currency.  The bars seemingly have no last call and if after last call, you can find the right falafel stand that will serve you a cold bottled beer or tiny bottle of Jager to get you to your next destination.  At 2am,the doner kabab you bought with your Berliner is the best idea you had and you will swear that this is true the next morning.  

Breakfast is the weakest link in the food chain. When most of the restaurants open at 9am and you are jetlagged, the hangry becomes very real. As per the usual, the egg yolks were orange which I have come to terms with. Not because it is weird, but because these chickens probably live a richer life than their chicken friends in the USA.  

Oh yeah, it snowed.  Good thing we were prepared. My parents got me a new jacket and I got a puffy Basquiat puffy jacket from Uniqlo that I wore under that kept, at least the top part of me, warm. Also note, that the "bouncing soles" of my Dr. Martins stopped bouncing in the snow.  They froze. 

The only acceptable sauce for pommes frites is ketchup. I applaud the effort though. The more condiments the better.

Just a normal pic with the Eisbaren Berlin mascot.

Kantine Kohlmann Sometimes you find amazing places when your not looking for it.  Shane knew what he was looking for, but we couldn't find it online. So we took a little walk around Kreuzberg and found Kantine Kholmann right by a Hedgehog bar. It was comfort food for the weary travelers.  Wiener schnitzel, German Potato salad, with a small side of blood sausage. 

You can tell how what season this was taken.  Where are the greens?

Tommi's Burger. Not Tommy's. No chili, just a great burger with some Bier. I over heard a conversation they guys working were having about going to California. Perfect medium burger.  Then we got lost. 

When you are ready to turn up, call me. 

Because Balls.

The hotel we stayed at had a 5 course meal for NYE. Each "course" had a theme.  Course is in quotes because it was like 5 mini meals.  We stayed at the Michelberger Hotel.  At around midnight, we stepped out to celebrate on the streets and to say it was crazy was an understatement. It was cray! I saw guns shot, fireworks in all directions! 

I ate sea beans.  I can also get behind house cured salmon. 

Our favorite breakfast was at the hotel.  

Oh you know, giant pomme frites with ketchup.

I wanted to eat all the Haribo! So many varieties it was candy heaven.

Free cheesecake is becoming something of a theme when we travel. In Thailand at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, we were given a free piece of cheesecake.  At the hotel bar, we again, offered a free slice of cheesecake. It must be something in our eyes  We were talking to the bartenders, because, that is what we do.  Like we are silently begging for a slice. Or it is the world telling us that we were in the right place. 

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