Thursday, January 8, 2015

This Week in SnackChat

 The jetlag has been dusted off and it is back to the grind. The best part about SnapChat is that all your lovely SnackChats were waiting for me when I got into some free Wi-Fi when I was out and about in Europe. It's a new year folks! 

Unflattering turkey crotch shot

It looks like a watermelon, but was a cake and it tasted like strawberry and green tea.

Living on the edge.

Pretty good gift. 


I captioned this Turn up but instead of up I have an emoji arrow pointing up. 

Why so sad?

When the munchies call.

Triple cheeseburger. Living on the edge.

Is this the one with a baby? Because I heard that they are trying to regulate on the baby cakes. 

You too can SnackChat me on SnapChat! Username: log.lady 

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