Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 5 Favorties

Really, It's October 1st? WTF?!? Someone wake up Bily Joe Armstrong because September is fucking OVER!  

Ah, it's finally Fall, but I'm not getting my hopes up, because this is Southern California. I got married in November of 2012 in 87 degree weather.  Saturday, it's going to be 95 degrees out.  #sadface  

Well, because September is over, it's that time once again where I condense and combine my Internet trolling and my love for eating in one place.  Ladies and gents, my Five Faves for September!

Favorite Food Blog:
 Culinary Bro-Down: My coworker and I love to take words and turn them into bro words. For example,  Santa Bar-bro.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for puns. When I saw it listed as one of Saveur's Best Food Blogs for writing, I had to read it.  Then a quick click to the About Me, I found the following: 
I consider creatine to be an essential food group. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle it into a risotto. I call it “brosotto”. It’s in the same spirit as the “fruit and brogurt parfait” and “broatmeal”
New favorite food blog and he's a pretty good writer. Brovo my friend!

Favorite Chef with a Show that Starts Soon, but like has a Trailer out like Right Now:
Matty Matheson. With such quotes like, "I'm just going to rat fuck your mise en place," how can I not like the man? Oh yeah, hes Canadian.  Hilarious! I love it! I Tweeted out a while ago that someone should give him his own show and they did! It's called Keep it Canada. Thank you Vice Munchies you da best.

Favorite Mini Documentary:

Eight Chapters of Ramen.You all read the Cookbook Tuesday post on Ivan Ramen right? Well, if you didn't, this video is a condensed version of crazy genius that is Ivan Orkin.  It will make you want to eat ramen immediately! 

Favorite Instagram:

California Donuts. A few days ago I fell into the depths of Instagram trolling donuts. Sad, but very true. I stumbled upon this donut shop in K-town Called California Donuts.  While I have not eaten here, the pictures are donut dreams that one day hope to consume in moderation. 

Favorite SnackChat from September:

Congratulations to SnapChat user digglives93.  It just all makes sense and I can only hope no stoves were left on in the making of this SnackChat. 

October, here I come! Thanks friends!

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