Friday, October 17, 2014

Treats on Treats on Treats

I have a sweet tooth.  So much so, that I am a dentist's best friend. Sometimes I think that it is a problem, but how can something so good be so wrong?

Last week we hit up the 85 Degrees in Cerritos.  No lines, but swarming.  We were lucky because it was BOGO anything sea salt drink.  I was also "carb loading" for the Long Beach Half Marathon. 

So what if I was walking it! 

Whenever I go to 85 Degrees, there are people with multiple trays full of treats.  Like they bring additional family members to hold the trays.  It's insane!  I know people have parties and visitors but damn! It's insane what these ladies pack on their tray.  We had a hard enough time trying to decide on two pastries.

As good as these look, I think these would hurt to eat. 

Then there is the Donut Bar in Fountainn Valley. Pictured above are the strawberry and creme donut, the caramel latte donut, the bacon maple bar and the Homer donut. DROOOOLLLLLL!!!  They have strawberry and chocolate milk on tap. Oh and Stumptown on nitro. YESSSS!!!

Giant ass donuts! 

Then I found this....
A WHOLE FESTIVAL FOR TREATS!!!! This year L A Foodie is hosting Treatoberfest 2 at Angel City Brewing in DTLA. Octoberfest style treat consuming. All you can fucking treat!  I'm in! Local vendors? Even BETTER! Beer sampling you say? FUCK YES! Details here!  I'll there and you should too!

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