Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Betty Crocker Kind of Cookbook Tuesday

Hey kids, you know what time it is?  It's Cookbook Tuesday time!  I actually woke up today thinking it was Wednesday, so I'm not disappointed that it's Cookbook Tuesday, but I kinda am because it's only Tuesday.  But I have a goodie this week.  I have a small collection of Betty Crocker books that span the 1950's through the 1970's and Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls is my favorite.   The illustrations are on point, it's not as sexist as other books of it's time and the color photos make the food look so unappealing.  

These are illustrations of the 12 kids who tested the recipes in the book. What you can't see are all the limbs they're missing. But I for a book of it's time I would have had all girls, but if you were a young boy, it's okay to hang out in the kitchen.

Here are the kids who tested the recipes as cookies. What you can't see are the 3 cookies that were eaten by the kids who made them before the picture was taken.  The angry girl at the top is the best, like someone shit in her cereal. 

The illustration of Three Men in a Boat.

What Three Men in a Boat looks like in real life.   The Raggedy Ann Salad is a hard cooked egg with a half orange, raisins, a piece of cheese, celery and cheese. Questionable but fun right? 

This is the all pig page! I originally thought the little green things with hats were pickles, but they are in fact a wiener and a Frankfurter.  

Girl 1: Oh hey! This party is going to be rad
Girl 2: Eff yea it is!  I'm making a some fucking spaghetti and our hella cool friends are coming over.
Girl 1: Totally! I mean I made a Raggedy Ann Salad and pigs in a blanket.  The salad is cute as fuck!  Did you have mustard?

Girl 1: Yeah, I totally have mustard...wait, who the fuck invited these guys? 
Girl 2: I didn't. 
Girl 1: THE. FUCK. 

-End Scene-

Then there are some questionable salads like the Candle salad that does not illustrate or photograph well. 

And then the tricks and treats....

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