Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Five Favorites!

Well, we are heading towards the end of the month and here it is, the October Five Faves! 

Best rant on the PSL:

Personally, I could give two fucks about drinking the pumpkin spice latte; however, it is the true sign of fall.  I can go for that.  But John Oliver is hilarious and this is the bestest! 

Favorite Place I've eaten in New York: Momofuku Milk Bar. 

Why? I ate there almost everyday! It was walking distance and I got to try everything I wanted to.  I was also here for the menu change and got to try the super seasonal Thanksgiving Croissant.  We don't get this shit in Long Beach.  Bagel Bombs are the best thing and the Corn Cookie? Getthefuckottahere! It was so fucking good.

Favorite Food Show: The Dinner Bell

Julia Zeigler-Haynes is so funny and I love watching this show because it is an inspiration for me to eventually get Apartment 7 dinners going.  Also Vice Munchies is just best.

Favorite Instagram Picture: Pittcueco

A photo posted by Tom Adams (@pittcueco) on

Because I mean, that pig is cute!

And last but not least, the SnackChat of the month.

Congrats Mike!

See you around in November!

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