Thursday, October 9, 2014

This Week in SnackChat

What an exciting week in SnackChats this has been!

Today is also World Sight Day.  Today we are asked, what sight means to you.  I am very fortunate to live a life where I am afforded the means to go and see an optician.  I am fortunate to get glasses and contacts to fix my nearsightedness.  I am fortunate to see the SnackChats people send me.  Because I am able to see, I can do the things I love, like run and sharing my food experiences with all of you!

I'll start off this week, with a series of SnackChats,
a tryptic of sorts.

It's like someone knew my period was on the way and knew I wanted to eat everything in sight. 

Adding Le to anything makes it automatically Le Fancy. 

Adding y's to the end of words makes thing automatically cutey. 

I don't think it is possible to make a burger I didn't like.  I guess if they had avocado then maybe I would hate it because I have to.  

Hot indeed.  I wish I could see more of the Banchan! 

Okay, okay, I won't geeze! 

A healthy SnackChat. 

From the bowels of Jesus himself. 

Throatscrapers never go out of style. 

You, yes YOU can SnackChat me on SnapChat!  My user name is: log.lady
I take screencaps!! 

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