Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Cleaning

The perks of having a subscription to Bon Appetit is having monthly food porn, inspiration for weeknight meals and reading up on all the food trends.  The cons of having a subscription to Bon Appetit is having a stack of them when you are done reading them and for someone that lives is small apartment, it doesn't make sense to keep them. So I've got quite the collection from last year and a good part of this year that I am will to part with.  You read it right,  I'm giving away my magazines. I am willing to send them off to you too.  I'm giving these away to you first, before they disappear from my life and appear at the Long Beach Out of the Closet.  I've even giving away a copy of The Great Breakfast Book! All are in great condition, but no promises once they hit the mail box.

These magazines are mini cookbooks.  You are owning a piece of my bookshelf!
So if you see one you want please email, or Facebook message me your addy and which issue you want and I will send them off!

 Did you ever wonder, "Man I need a recipe for like 20 great pancakes?" Well look no further! Also has recipes for waffles.

April 2013: You too can make a banging sandwich.  Recipes in this issue include, Parmesan Bread Pudding, and a Lemony chicken and orzo soup.  This issues also features my Lemony Pea Mash recipe I love so much! 

 January 2014: This is the get back in shape issue.  But getting in shape doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste.  There is an awesome feature on fish that is worth a read.

March 2013: This issue features the 20 most important restaurants in America and meals for the whole family.  The soups in the issue are legit and there is a small article on Aubry Plaza.  I debated keeping this for myself but I am will to part.

A Special Travel Issue: Great feature on CIY (cook it yourself), Sunday Brunch. If you looking to travel the USA, this is for you!

June 2013: Summer Issue. This issue features picnics and cold noodles.  This is great for Southern California because it is Summer all the fucking time! Three words: Vietnamese Pork Chops. 

That is all for now. After the end of October, if not claimed, will be donated.  So if you want one let me know!  I am combing though more and will probably have another batch to giveaway next weekend, so keep and eye out!

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