Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Kinfolk Table For Cookbook Tuesday

I just checked the weather for the next 10 days and the temperature in Long Beach will not break 80 degrees! The crowd rejoices! This means I can cook with the oven and not make everyone uncomfortable!

 In this installment of Cookbook Tuesday, I picked a book that doesn't sit on my shelf, it leans against it (yes, I have that many books).A book that, to me, is very romantic.  Romantic in the sense that I want to live with everyone in this book as they are all living the life that I want to make for my family. The Kinfolk Table, like the magazine, Kinfolk, is beautiful. It details the recipes and stories from the growing Kinfolk community in Brooklyn, Portland, Copenhagen and the English Countryside.  It features my favs like Diana Yen pre Cleo the Bunny  It makes me want to have people over and now that the temperatures are dropping I can do some of this!

This is everything I want and more. Look at the fucking leaves on the ground! 

Most of the recipes are one page and so easy! 

Who want's to come over to my place?

I want this in my life! 

For the last FBF post about Beast, I was trying to find my Beast menus.  I looked everywhere.  Low an behold, it was parked in the Portland section of the book. DUH! 

The book and the magazines are leaned against my bookshelves.  I don't have many because they are a little hard to find, but I have them! 

I'm in love with a magazine that is the price of a book! 

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