Monday, July 14, 2014

When Other People Eat Out Apartment 7

I tend to get really restless when I have nobody to cook for.  I think I just need to make things. It keeps me sane. So I hosted a brunch at my house for some friends. I had some killer utensils and plates and other things.  I had three amazing recipes and three willing testers that I, being half drunk, invited over for a Sunday brunch one night at the bar.  

I knew what I wanted to make and I had to prove to myself that my birthday party wasn't a fluke and that I can properly prepare a meal for four people.  More dinners and brunches are in the future for Apartment 7. If you find yourself at the same bar as I, you may find yourself dining at Apartment 7.


Start: Wild Mushroom Pate with baguette
Middle: Quiche Lorraine, salad, potato ball stuffed with Brie cheese
End: Rose water and cardamom shortbread cookie


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