Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's Cookbook Tuesday

With the flux of alliterative hashtags for the days of the week,  I figured why not buy into them and create one of my own.  Friends, I introduce Cookbook Tuesday. It's doesn't have the same ring as Throwback Thursday or Side Boob Sunday but hey, there are no days of the week that start with C.   I even looked in a thesaurus to find alternate words for book.  When I say look, I mean go to thesaurus.com and search book.  

So love it or hate it, today on Eizelle Eats Out, it is Cookbook Tuesday. The first book I chose is The Joy of Cooking By Irma Rombauer and Marion Rombauer, 1964 Edition.  Not only is it complete with a whole sections on how to remove the fur from game such as rabbit, squirrel,  it also kinda sexist.  I guess times have changed and multiple reprints later, sections have been added an removed. The game section is no longer found in newer editions. Which is a bummer because I would have loved to see the live action pictures on how to skin a beaver tail.  

We can all learn a few things from this:

Removing fur is like taking off a pullover.

Apparently beer was a man thing. 

The cuts of meat!

Have I cooked anything from this book? Nope. I think I find more joy in reading this than I do actually thinking about cooking anything from this.

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