Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cookbook Tuesday: Love and Ramen

This week I am featuring a book about obsession, Ivan Ramen. You read right, it's an obsession with ramen.  Half of the book is Ivan Orkin's history and the other half recipes for ramen and other things.  I will get around to eating here, as I am in NYC once a year. Most times, I never get to eat where I actually want to eat because I go for work and usually it is the majority that wins and I am never the majority, in most situations. See Eating Out Jack's Wife Freda.

Ivan Orkin is no joke, two successful shops in Japan and a new shop in New York.  The book is beautiful and his story is inspiring. When a book has the perfect recipe for half cooked eggs, I'm all in. I love a good ramen and I am intimated to actually make it.  When it cools off, which in Southern California is in November, I plan on dedicating a Sunday to making ramen.  For now, I'll leave it to the pros. 

I need the above print on my tea towels. 

I need this meal in my mouth.

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