Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Living that Single Life

The above snapshot is just a little bit of the things I bought today.  If I were to pan out, you would see a bag of Jolly Rancher chews, a tube of pimple cream, Carmex and a Julie and Julia DVD.  Can you tell it's just me and the plants at home this week? Living that single life.

On a random Saturday after a long run, I stumbled upon a little show called the Little Paris Kitchen with Rachel Khoo on the Cooking ChannelIt was a game changer my friends.  I watch all the shows on yourtube and now I have the book.  I am seriously like a year late on the game and since then she has another show that I am planning my long run around on Saturday. 

This show/book I think is showing me in the right direction as to what I really should be doing. The tea cup was a gift from my bestie in Portland and it is very appropriate for the holiday that just past and I love Kinfolk.  I am still looking for CherryBomb keep your eyes peeled friends. 

Speaking of holiday, this past July 4th, Shane and I made a shit ton of Thomas Keller fried chicken.  It was the SHIT and it was a hit with the family. We also made salt and pepper skirt steak and I hand mashed, HAND MASHED 5 pounds of potatoes.  That was a hit as well. Lots of complements on the meat and how it tasted great.  But it was really just salt and pepper nothing fancy. But then I questioned, do people not know the taste of meat? Has the taste the meat been masked by marinades and rubs? 

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