Thursday, July 10, 2014

Market Watch: Local Harvest Farmers Market, LBC

I am very lucky.  I live in a great neighborhood in the LBC. Running paths at my disposal, quiet and most important, the walking distances to bars is less than a mile.  We also have amazing farmers markets.  There is one on Sunday that I used to frequent because I didn't know any better.  Then I discovered one right down the street from our house.  It is AMAZING and it is every Wednesday. The vendors never cease to amaze me.  Seasonal produce, fruits that I have never tried or seen.  For example, the selection of stone fruits took over two tables!  I saw green onions the size of normal leeks and I saw leeks the size of baseball bats!  Don't ever get me started on the egg dude that basically GIVES AWAY chicken livers and I was not there to reap the benefits. 

My favorite part is seeing my neighborhood outside doing stuff. I usually run in the morning and I don't see anyone out so this is a nice change of pace.  Kids running and playing stick ball, picnic blankets spread, people carrying reuseable bags full of veg, older couples sitting at a small tables drinking wine, it's a sight to see really.  And it is all because of food, people eating out, gathering around the market.

L to Right: chioga beets, golden beets, purple carrots, mixed greens

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