Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I made some cookies this morning.  They are cardamom and rose water shortbread cookies and they are pretty good.  They also complement my apartment well.  

If you have not been over, it's really small and when the oven comes on in the summer it makes the whole place warm, and unbearable.  Is it Fall yet? 

We bought this print in Portland. 

I have a vintage American flag that Shane found at an estate sale. That plant is my house plant that I affectionately named Plant.  Watching plant grow over night is my favorite thing.  His vines are almost touching the ground! 

I made the cookies in hopes of getting over the work hump, but sometimes doing things you enjoy can't make everything better. Like this traffic for instance.  This is the 405 south at 9:45. Guh. 

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