Monday, July 28, 2014

Pretty Young Thing

For the longest time I was in hate with ginger.  Being Asian, ginger is in a lot of dishes my mom and grandma would make.  The worst part was accidentally eating a piece that looked like a piece of chicken. Growing up means changing palettes and now eating it doesn't physically make me sick  It actually makes me feel better.  A quick Google search will confirm that ginger is the ancient Chinese secret for stomach aliments. 

Anyways, I stopped into Marukai to buy some lemongrass and I saw the young ginger and I had to buy it.  I already have ginger but this was too interesting.  I think it was that it was pink that sold me. I am a sucker for pink root vegetables, also this one looked like antlers. The taste was sweet and light, the very opposite of its older self.  I did use it to make dinner and in the end it tasted like ginger. 

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Consumed on: July 28, 2014
With: Shane

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