Monday, February 9, 2015

Expectations VS Reality

Sometimes I can get arrogant. I feel that I can do anything and there is nothing that will stop me. I can make anything.  Like this weekend, I was hoping to make the Cornflake marshmallow, chocolate chip cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar.  I mean, I did so well last week with the Corn Cookie. Of course I can make this one.

I went into this project with an air of confidence, I knew what I needed to do to get a perfect cookie. Again, I followed every ingredient and direction.  With the exception of the following: I didn't have chocolate chips so I used dark chocolate cut up in small pieces.  I also used white chocolate. I was expecting to see the best looking cookies ever. 

The results:


Should I have chalked the Corn Cookie as beginners luck?  This time there are other factors like marshmallows that apparently melt and caramelize in the oven when they are baked. What?  After thinking about it and looking at the other cookies, I think it was the marshmallows. I might cut them smaller or use less or use non generic brand ones.  I'm probably going to try to make them smaller as I don't want to buy more.  Maybe use real chocolate chips and 

I felt like I was really close.  There were parts of the cookie that were perfect and other parts, not so much. The marshmallows melted first and that seemed to be the part that was challenged the integrity of the cookie.  The cookies with less marshmallows came out great! The best part, is that they still tasted fucking amazing!  I knew they would be, but there is a certain visual standard that is expected.  I mean, the book has pictures but  I'm still pretty darn proud of them.  There are factors under my control and I can change to get it right, or closer to right the next time around. Try try again! When I get it right, try it again. 

The real winners are my friends that get to eat them.

On Saturday we had to run a few errands and since we were out, we took a quick trip to Chinatown to get my friend boob enhancing soap for her birthday. Because that's a real thing!  Since we were there and hungry, why not eat at the new Pok Pok Phat Thai?  It's like duh! The best part is that it is right across the way from Chego! I got the Kuaytiaw Kuha Kai. Shane got the Phat Phak Buung Muu.  I also bought a bottle of Som. 

When you go to restaurants with pretty well known chefs, I don't go in expecting to see the actual chef the restaurant is connected to.  I don't go into Momofuku and expect to see David Chang. Same goes for Pok Pok.  I didn't think I would see Andy Ricker.  

But not this time! 

Yes, Andy Ricker was in the restaurant.. I own the book he wrote and watched Farang the documentary about him the day it came out on Vice Munchies. I've eaten and fallen in love with the food at his restaurants.  To say I geeked out is an understatement. Shane had to ask to take a picture.  It was so rad but in a nervous anxiety kind of way.  To be in the same room with someone that inspires you is crazy. 

I can't live life always expecting things to happen the way I want them to. That my baking or cooking or trips eating out won't always result in perfection every time. I should take in these moments and learn from them. I should come to expect the happy coincidences happen from time to time and if there are things that are under my control, like cooing or baking, I am going to keep trying to get things the way I think they should be.  

So now I'm off to buy a Powerball.  Because I'm totally winning that shit!  

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